The best Instagram accounts devoted to '90s style icons and dreamboats

All the #tbt style inspiration you’ll ever need.

All the #tbt style inspiration you’ll ever need

(Source: @the90ssupermodels on Instagram)

This article was originally published January 15, 2019 and was updated January 17, 2019.

The '90s are having a serious moment — between scrunchies, slip dresses, half-zip sweaters and combat boots, there's no denying that the era has infiltrated our closets. And with this revival has come lots of nostalgia, including a renewed admiration for the people who first wore these trends.

Many an Instagram account has been created about the (sometimes questionable) beauty of '90s fashion. From the glam icons, like Princess Diana and the original supermodels, to the over-the-top trend mavens, like The Spice Girls, to the grunge king, Kurt Cobain, all it takes is a quick scroll to relive their best looks.

Here are eight Instagram accounts that'll have you investing in bike shorts and plaid ASAP.

Gorgeous ball gowns may spring to mind when you think about Princess Diana's style, but did you know she was also doing the oversized puffer thing long before we were? Or that she paired sweats with blazers? @flyladidi_, a still relatively under-the-radar account, shows us that more laid-back and candid side of the former Princess of Wales, along with the requisite shots of her looking impossibly glamorous and holding little Will and Harry.

In case you forgot that J.Lo and Diddy were once an item, and looked fly as hell whenever they were together, @90smilk can refresh your memory. You'll also get amazing shots of other love stories that began (and sometimes ended) in the '90s, like Iman and David Bowie, and Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. There's lots of denim, lots of spaghetti straps and lots of undoubtedly regrettable haircuts.

Kurt Cobain, with his plaid shirts, ripped jeans and stringy hair, had a huge hand in popularizing grunge in the '90s. @90s.kurt captures him in all his glory, with photos from concerts and magazine shoots, and clips from interviews. But there are also some incredible images that show his more playful side and more personal photos of him with his family. Another important thing you need to know about this account: Dave Grohl has a recurring role, usually injecting some silliness into the photos.

This might come as a shock to the Kendall and Kaia fans out there, but supermodels were stomping down the runways long before Instagram even existed. But, lucky for us, they now have their very own place on the social platform thanks to @the90ssupermodels. Scroll through this feed to see Naomi Campbell with Gianni Versace, snaps from the Cindy Crawford–hosted TV show House of Style and Claudia Schiffer on the Chanel runway for their Spring/Summer '92 collection.

Clueless is undoubtedly the most iconic fashion movie of the '90s, and its relevance persists. See: matching plaid skirts and blazers, tees layered under tanks and dresses, and fluffy pens. @cluelessthemovie brings you all that, along with excellent memes ideal for reposting when you're feeling sassy, shots of Cher's insane closet, and cute behind-the-scenes snaps of the cast.

The Spice Girls are trying their very best to make a comeback with their U.K. tour this year, without Victoria Beckham, but it's hard to deny that their best years were back when the group was a quintet. @spicegirlsnet gives you the best of those years, when their outfits were vaguely coordinated, when they did live performances on The Tonight Show and when they released the cinematic wonder that was Spice World.

Devoted to '90s R&B royalty, @90s.era can be your go-to for rarely-seen photos of Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill and even pre-Michelle Williams Destiny's Child. It's a lot of bare midriffs, baggy jeans and puffer coats — just the kind of fodder you might need if you're channeling throwback hypebeast vibes.

How amazing would it have been to be a guest at Madonna's 32nd birthday party in Paris? Or to bump into Brad and Gwen at the Ivy in London? Unfortunately, we can't travel back in time to those wondrous moments, but @90sanxiety can sort of make you feel like you were there. This feed is full of photos that'll have you recalling the best relationships and friendships of the era, the best casting choices and, of course, the best sartorial moments.

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