Tessa Virtue sat with us to talk about her future, her beauty routine and her favourite thing about Scott Moir

She's possibly even nicer than you think she is, seriously.

She's possibly even nicer than you think she is, seriously.

(Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

Tessa Virtue is even nicer than you can imagine. When it was my turn to sit down with the five-time Olympic medalist recently, she offered ME a coffee! Speaking with her recently at a downtown Toronto hotel during the promotion of her new partnership with Nivea, you realize she's wise beyond her years, super intelligent and a genuinely kind soul.  

Just back from a stellar showing at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics where, along with her ice dancing partner Scott Moir, she brought home two gold medals, the London, Ont.-native made time in her schedule to unwind for one week. "We decided not to do any media and just spend time with family and friends," she said. "And we had done so much while we were [in South Korea], I am sure people were quite sick of seeing us. It was nice, I was so sick. I spent most of the time recovering in bed. But I think that's a common response from most athletes coming home."

After their quick break, the duo will go to Japan for a brief tour, and then they'll embark on a cross Canada tour with Stars On Ice from April 27 to May 17. "[It] will be so nice to tour for the people who have supported us and also perform without pressure," she noted. "To take the ice with the whole idea of entertaining! Not having to be too technical or appease any judges, that will be special."

Virtue also opened up about her beauty routine, the importance of hydration and her plans post skating career.

On staying hydrated

"The best advice that I have received was to start the day with hot water and lemon, to reset your system for the day," Virtue said. "Hydration is a key thing, as an athlete yes, but also for your skin, and I do notice the biggest difference when I stay hydrated." The ice dancer also admits to not having an affinity for plain water, so she tries to switch it up. Virtue also enjoys a hot tea, specifically peppermint while training at the rink and a cup of chamomile tea right before bed.

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A Scott-approved moisturizer

With the dry, cold conditions in South Korea, there was one product that Virtue was happy to have along with her, Nivea's new Care Intensive Nourishment lotion. "I brought several tubes with me, and thank goodness, my skin was just absorbing it," she said, after admitting that her skin has never been softer. "And I am also working with a partner who is holding me for lifts and positions, and I can't be slippery or slimy. So, I have to say that Care is also Scott's favourite. It's the first moisturizer that he's said ok to."

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That healthy glow

While Virtue admits to being a minimalist when it comes to makeup, there is one look that she always relies on, especially in the spring. "I always love rosy cheeks, so I am all about blush. My every day look would be mascara, blush and a little bit of lip balm."

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Her favourite scent

The ice-dancing star is not a fan of anything overly scented, but has a soft spot for one note in particular, vanilla. "It's always been a calming fragrance for me and something that I am drawn to," she said. "I don't often wear perfume, because I am sensitive to smells, but vanilla has a warmth to it, and it's inviting and soft."

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For smiling eyes

"I try and be good [by applying eye cream], especially after doing an eyewear collaboration, I thought that I had to be serious about it," Virtue admits. "And I skate with Scott, so I am laughing all the time. I know those lines are inevitable." Aside from being hysterical, Virtue says with Moir, what you see is what you get. "He's everything you think he is. When people meet him he is so genuine, he's so compassionate and caring and thoughtful, but he's extremely generous, with his time and with himself. And he wears his heart on his sleeve, and I think that's what makes him so appealing to people. He feels like everyone's best friend."

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In-flight beauty routine

Virtue's schedule, especially in the first half of 2018, includes a ton of air travel. So how does she cope? "I have a system," she said with a laugh. "I get on board, I put pyjamas on, I take off all my makeup and moisturize. And I put an eye masque eye, and put my earbuds in and I try to sleep as much as I can. I drink a ton of water. So I sit on the aisle, because I know I am racing to the washroom a lot. And depending on whether we're being greeted by fans and media, before landing I'll wash my face again, or re-moisturize through the flight. And then throw on some mascara and blush and that's it."

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Beyond skating

The Canadian Olympic star has her sights set on a business degree once she's ready to leave skating behind. "I am close to finishing my psychology degree, and I think that's something that's so applicable in any field," she said. "I also love the business world. We were thrust into it sort of on the flick of a switch, in Vancouver, we had to put our business hats on, and now my greatest adrenalin rush is negotiating a contract, so I know that that's in the cards for me to go that route." But a creative endeavour is not out of the questions either. "I am used to being my own boss, so whether that takes an entrepreneurial role or what, I am not exactly sure. But I think going through the MBA process will be exhilarating for me. As such a task oriented person, it will be neat for me to set my sites on something academically. And strive to achieve that. And I also need to prove that to myself after doing so much physical work."