Simple ideas to refresh your space that you can actually tackle this weekend

If you feel anything other than joy walking into your home, it’s time for a space overhaul.
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If you feel anything other than joy walking into your home, it's time for a space overhaul.

Make that a space "update"

A space revamp doesn't have to be an intimidating process, nor expensive, note interior designers and organizational experts. It could be as simple as adding new hardware to your kitchen drawers, painting an accent wall, reupholstering a chair or even decluttering a closet.

To get you inspired, we've got tips and tricks from an interior designer, a professional organizer and a reupholstery expert. And, of course, some decor eye candy.


Find your vision

Do you want to practise yoga in your living room? Aspire to display art on the walls? Move to a more minimalist aesthetic?

"The very first step is to figure out what the priorities are," says Clare Kumar, a professional organizer and productivity consultant with Streamlife, a Toronto-based organizing company. "I like people to get really clear on…  how they want to spend their time… how do you want your space to feel?"

Once your priorities are set, start scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram to find the style and vision you're going for, said Kumar.


Time to toss those jeggings, Grade 10 art projects and cracked plates.

Ask yourself: "What's there that's not working?" said Kumar. "My homework to my clients all the time is: Write me the list of what's bugging you."Find the area of your home that causes you the most pain — perhaps the front hallway closet or your junk drawer — and start there, said Kumar. Toss or donate the items you don't want and find new storage solutions for the items you do want to keep, she said.


Paint your space big

Just because your space is small doesn't mean it has to look that way.

"One design trick is to paint your baseboards and your trim and your doors the same colour as the wall," said Kirsten Marshall, Palmerston Design Consultants in Toronto. "Dipping the room in the same colour makes it appear larger."

Another trick: paint one wall a deep colour, giving it an optical illusion of the wall receding, said Marshall. Just make sure the wall has nothing interrupting it; a window or a door will break the illusion, she said.


Make the small things count

Paying attention to small details can elevate a space without breaking the bank.

Try swapping in new hardware for your kitchen cabinets, or changing up your light fixtures — brass is currently on-trend — for a quick-and-easy space update, said Marshall.


Reupholster to refresh

Update your furniture by transforming a drab piece into a centrepiece through a reupholstery workshop.

In Toronto, Re:Style Studio offers weekend BYOP (bring your own piece) reupholstery workshops throughout the year.

"You can customize (your piece) to fit your space, fit your taste," said Andrea Ford, owner of Re:Style. And, "you get to say you did it yourself."

Hang a mirror

If all else fails, add mirrors! An easy way to up the wow-factor in your space.

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