Our style experts' absolute fave black tights: A roundup of the very best of this winter essential

It turns out there’s a recurring pick in our discerning list!

It turns out there’s a recurring pick in our discerning list!

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Is your dresser full of black tights, yet you're constantly pulling out pairs that you hate? Are instant-runs, too-tight shaping technology, low hanging crotches and plain old horrible fits all too familiar to you? If you find yourself in this predicament every winter, have we got some great rec's for you! Our discerning tight-wearing fashion writers and editors share their very favourite black tights with you. Here are all of our cherished go-to's for this wintertime essential.

Budget-friendly basics: H&M 100 Denier Control-Top Tights

Wing Sze Tang, beauty and health writer and CBC Life contributor:

I picked up these tights on a whim recently simply because they checked all my boxes: matte, opaque and inexpensive. They seemed basic in every way, so I was pleasantly surprised to find they're better than most. They're decently thick and sturdy (even made in Italy), so I'm not worried about snagging them just trying to pull them on. (If you prefer your tights even thicker, they also come in 200 Denier.) And despite the alleged "control top" feature — which usually means "insufferably squeezy" — these are perfectly comfortable.

H&M 100 Denier Control-Top Tights, $14.99,

Super-soft splurge: Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Denier Tights

Truc Nguyen, Toronto-based fashion editor, freelance writer and stylist and CBC Life contributor:

"If I could afford to do so, I would absolutely replace all of my black tights with Wolford's Velvet de Luxe tights. As it is, I have a few pairs and they're such an indulgence to put on and wear: super soft, very matte and clean looking, and relatively long lasting (you won't be seeing any snags or pulls on these after a single wear). Whenever I'm styling a celebrity or actress for a special red carpet or important media appearance, these are my luxe go-to's."

Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Denier Tights, $69,

Sheer durability: DIM Sublim Glossy Sheer Pantyhose 15D

Samantha White, associate producer at CBC Life:

"I discovered these when I worked in a restaurant that required wearing sheer black tights for every shift. While others would get a run the second I put them on, these ones would literally last for months. Even when they did get a hole in the toe, it wouldn't instantly spread up the leg. They're much thicker than your average sheer, but don't look it. I think the "gloss" helps with that — they definitely don't shimmer, but they have a sheen that helps detract from the thickness."

DIM Sublim Glossy Sheer Pantyhose 15D, $9,

Footless freedom: SPANX Tight End Footless Tights

Portia Corman, executive producer at CBC Life:

"I know these are pricey but they're worth it. I wear a lot of short skirts and tall boots in the winter and my feet feel like they're in prison when I wear traditional tights that have feet. These allow my feet to be free and to enjoy the comfort of socks during the day. And when I get home from work, I can take off my socks, free my tootsies and enjoy looking at my pedicure for the rest of the evening. For those of us who like something on their legs while at the gym, they look great under shorts with running shoes too. They're flexible, durable and they ensure a seamless look under fitted clothes — they're two undergarments in one."

SPANX Tight End Footless Tights, $70.72,

Quality cool: Wolford Velvet de Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights

Carly Ostroff, fashion and beauty writer, TV expert and CBC Life Contributor:

"I like investing in quality pieces when it comes to basics that I'm going to wear again and again. These tights check all the boxes for fit and durability. And while last year I would have picked opaque, this year I'm going with a semi-sheer pair. It feels kind of cool to balance all the winter layers with a hint of leg."

Wolford Velvet de Luxe' Semi-Opaque Tights, $68.21,

Long-lasting luxury: Matte 80 Denier Opaque Tights

Caitlan Moneta, a Toronto-based fashion editor, writer and stylist and CBC Life Contributor:

"These are my favourite black tights. They're a splurge, but they're perfectly opaque, practically run-resistant and you can go an entire season without putting a hole through the toe. In my books, that makes them worth every penny."

Matte 80 Denier Opaque Tights, $79.95,

Opaque perfection: Calvin Klein Ultra Fit Matte Shaper Tights

Brittany Toole, CBC Life Contributor:

That's me! A single pair of these tights from Calvin Klein are now entering their fifth winter of wear with me, without a run, snag or a hole in sight. They have held up fantastically — without hand-washing. I also recommend them for comfort; the band is doesn't dig into your stomach, the rise is just-right, and even though they're shaper tights, you won't spend the day being squeezed. I also love that at a denier of 100, they're perfect for shorter hemlines without being bulky. And I recently discovered that they're also surprisingly warm as I walked to work on a rather wintry day.

Calvin Klein Ultra Fit Matte Shaper Tights, $26,

We want to know about your faves, too. Tell us about your go-to black tights in the comments below.


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