Life with Jen Atkin: Getting the scoop — and a hair lesson — from the Kardashians' stylist

Her step-by-step guide to sleek hair within!
(Credit: Dyson Canada)

Jen Atkin knows great hair. But you probably know that, because you probably know her as a key member of every Kardashian and Jenner glam squad. Oh and she works with Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid too. NBD.

And Atkin understands hair like nobody's business because she's made it her business, from her site, Mane Addicts, to Ouai, her line of cool-girl beauty products. And let's not forget about Instagram, where Atkin has 2 million followers double-tapping her looks all day. So when we had a chance to sit down with the stylist to talk about summer hair and how to master it, we couldn't get our locks there fast enough!

When it comes to summertime hair problems, Atkin can list off all the issues: heat, fighting humidity, hair either turning green or damaged from the pool and chlorine...

"Hair is a little bit more on the weak side when it's wet and then there's also UV damage," explains Atkin. Because of all the damage, she recommends investing in the best tools to avoid causing it— likely why she's an ambassador for Dyson's ultra-modern Supersonic dryer, which she calls a game-changer. "They have basically reinvented something that needed a facelift for a really long time," she says of the lightweight dryer that is designed to never overheats or gets your hair caught.

She was generous with her genius too — here's how Jen Atkin gets the straight and sleek look we've been seeing a lot of on Kim Kardashian.

Step 1: For straight styles, Atkin says you want to use the dryer's styling concentrator and concentrated airflow.

Step 2: "I always tell clients to use either volumizing mousse or wave spray to prep the hair beforehand," says Atkin.  

Step 3: Then, go through hair using a round or flat boar bristle brush, and starting drying hair keeping a three-inch gap [from dryer to hair] so that the air can get to the hair the way it needs to.  

Step 4: "You can finish with some matte pomade at the top if you need to," advises Atkin. Plus, you can also try turning your dryer to cool for a quick shot. "The cool air is going to come in handy because you smooth the cuticles," says Atkin.

Step 5: "If you want more of an Ali McGraw schoolgirl look, bend the ends in with a brush," she advises. "I think actually with shorter lengths that really cute."

For more from Jen Atkin, check out our rapid fire round with the star stylist below.

Life with Jen Atkin

What's the one hair tip you'd give to every client? "Don't cut your hair when you're hormonal. Don't cut your bangs yourself and prep your hair the night before you get colour. The night before you put bleach in your hair, sleep with hair oil or the treatment mask in your hair."

One word to describe your look? "When I think about my look it's so all over the place. I guess, random."

Your spirit animal? "It would be a hybrid between Khloé Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen."

Favourite swear word? "Goddamit."

Go-to recipe? "I don't cook. In the kitchen."

Celebrity crush? "Cameron Dallas. It's so wrong but he's so cute."

If you had a weekend to yourself what would you binge watch? "I do have weekends to myself, and all I watch is Real Housewives."

Something the Internet doesn't know about you? "I'm really good at Name That Tune."