How to get into the 6 biggest menswear trends happening right now

You'll definitely be seeing plaid pants on the sidewalks this season.

You'll definitely be seeing plaid pants on the sidewalks this season.

With a new season comes new trends, and to be clear I'm not suggesting adopting all of them. More realistically see which ones fall within your personal style and make them your own. One thing is for sure, these are the top trends you will be seeing on the sidewalks this season. We've pulled both low and high (price point) interpretations so you can either dip your toe in the shallow end or dive right in!

Plaid Pants

Not for the faint of heart, plaid pants admittedly can be hard to pull off. Word of advice: think casual off-duty-skateboarder-surfer and not broke-student-on-residence. Pair them with Vans old skools and NOT socks with Birkenstocks please. These UO flannel pants also incorporate the cropped pant trend and allow your kicks to be on full display. If you're ready to kick it up a notch, Haider Ackerman (known for making some of Kanye's favourite pants) has you covered with these "Canadiana" plaid embroidered dandys.

UO Spencer flannel pant - $49.00

Haider Ackerman turner blood embroidery trousers - $1970.00

Faux Fur

Animal-friendly faux fur is everywhere this season, because who doesn't want guilt-free furry luxurious warmth? While many think ankle length coats when they think of fur, I'm digging the waist-length bomber cut of this UO faux fur jacket. Now, for those ready to go "all in", this reversible Faith Connexion faux fur hoodie is like two jackets in one. The furry side whispers luxe-streetwear while the sequined side screams celebrity-rockstar.

UO faux fur jacket - $154.00

Faith Connexion - reversible black faux fur hoodie - $2775

The Colour: Rust / Clay Brown

If there's a colour of the fall season in menswear this is it, think rusty brown meets reddish clay. This Oak and Fort coat not only has the great colour going for it but it's got a very unique cut. Not quite a "long" jacket and not quite a waist, just right. Pair it with your favourite jeans for a casual vibe or with black dress slacks for the 'night out.' Leave it to Swedish brand Acne Studios to always get it right, and their Chad coat in 'rust' red is a minimalist thing of beauty. It's unlined, so pair it with your favourite sweater or turtleneck.  

Oak and Fort coat 1636 - $268.00

Acne Studios Chad coat - $1550.

Tuxedo Trackpant

Track pants with tuxedo stripes or "traxedos" are THE pant of the season, and my current go to. I love that they walk the line between casual and dressy and can be worn with a multitude of shoes. If your traxedos are of the slimmer variety, like these H&M ones, don't be afraid to pair them with a clean derby or brogue. If they are cropped like these Zara and gucci ones, I'd say go with a clean triple white sneaker (à la ASAP Rocky) or clean black loafer (à la Jared Leto).

H&M sweatpants with zips - $59.99

Zara pant - 49.90

Gucci Wool cropped pant with stripe - $1170.00

Sherpa Zip Jacket

If the cozy factor is an important aspect of your clothing strategy, then the sherpa zip jacket should be right up your alley. Not only do you get to enjoy a warm teddy bear hug when you rock these jackets, but they serve as a perfect middle layer between you and the light fall jacket you refuse to stop wearing. I'm enjoying the 'sweatshirt' cut and perfect shade of caramel on this Manastash zip-up. This Livestock fleece zip gets it right in this classic cut with useful chest pocket and uniquely-cut front pockets.

Livestock full high zip pile fleece - $175

Retro '80s sportswear

The '80s are back in a big way, more specifically, the European sportswear brands of the past. A prime example is this UO x Fila trackpant, in this 'Gucci-esque' red and green combination. For extra style points, pair with a matching track zip-up for that 'professional off-duty soccer player' steez. County of Milan founder Marcelo Burlon teams up with another iconic Italian sportswear brand Kappa, to create a capsule collection featuring these black track pants with the classic Kappa symbol down the side of each leg.

FILA + UO arkley track pant - $82.00

Marcelo Burlon kappa Pant - $408.00