Hollywood fashion inspo: How to steal the style of 7 leading men

Update your look without even spending a dime! These 7 ensembles from classic Hollywood flicks will always be on trend.
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Rip a page out of Hollywood history and dress like these iconic movie stars—no shopping required.

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Robert Redford
The Candidate

Redford deploys his considerable charm in the '70s political satire about a presidential contender whose from-the-gut authenticity wins over the American people (sound familiar?). Redford's at his most stylish when he loses the wide ties and collars to mix with constituents in this relaxed black turtleneck. Update your office attire when you wear it with a blazer, which you can then toss over the back of your chair during after-work drinks.

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Marlon Brando
A Streetcar Named Desire

His white t-shirt became almost as famous as he did in his breakout role as the brutish Stanley Kowalski. The super-small fit made it look like Brando's muscles were Incredible Hulk-ing through his sleeves. You don't actually have to shop in the kids' section to recreate the illusion—roll up the sleeves on a plain white shirt for your own breakout Brando moment.

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Warren Beatty
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

GQ recently proclaimed that Beatty has been starring in major motion pictures longer than anyone else alive. It's been 55 years since the one-two punch of Beatty's 1961 breakout, first with Splendour In The Grass and then with this film, in which he plays an Italian gigolo who seduces Vivian Leigh's Mrs. Stone. Together, the two films begat Beatty's Casanova brand.

His sharp Euro wardrobe in the film includes tailored Italian suiting and this all-black-everything look. It's a style statement so strong it remains a cocktail circuit staple (that pocket watch chain on the other hand…).

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The Rat Pack
Ocean's 11

Upgrade your style from Oscar accountant to leading man by jumping onboard the pocket-square renaissance. The accessory transforms your usual suspect of a suit into an elevated look that calls back to the legendarily best-dressed cast of the original 1960 caper.

(© Cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond (Center) and David Bowie. Courtesy of )
David Bowie
The Man Who Fell To Earth

No wonder Bowie's undercover alien gets found out in this 1976 sci-fi drama. Every human knows you finish off a buttoned up shirt with a tie. Yet on the film's 40th anniversary, the buttoned-all-the-way-up look is still a style that stands out. Wear the "air tie" with a blazer a la Bowie for work or under a sweatshirt for a more casual look.

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Eddie Murphy
Beverly Hills Cop II

In 1987, Murphy made the varsity jacket his uniform as streetwise cop Axel Foley in the highly anticipated sequel. In 2016, brands such as Roots and Opening Ceremony are doing their own spin on the classic varsity jacket, but why not just revive your own high-school staple and all the bragging rights that go with it? Wear it with oversized aviator sunglasses for extra Foley swagger.

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Michael J. Fox
Back To The Future

Maybe he really did visit the future—Marty McFly's denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo is on trend all over again. Make like McFly and work a print into the look to break it up.