Glitter breast art is the beautiful and bold trend you may want to try (instructions within)

Glitter beauty knows no bound right now

Glitter beauty knows no bound right now

Glitter has reached peak popularity with this summer's hottest festival beauty trend: glitter breasts, also referred to as #glitterboobs and #glittertits on social media but, let's call them what they are - breasts.

Glitter breasts began showing up on social media shortly after Yves Saint Laurent designer Anthony Vaccarello sent a dress revealing a singular sparkly nipple down his Summer 2017 runway. The dress was cut so the model had her left breast covered and her right breast exposed with the nipple decorated in heart-shaped glitter, like a pasty.

By the way, glitter breasts are another progressive step along the timeline of resistance against sexism on social media, and specifically the "Free The Nipple" movement which battles censorship of women's nipples on Instagram and not men's. "Free The Nipple" was born out of a moment in 2014 when Chelsea Handler were posted a photo that showed her nipple and Instagram removed in 3 times, citing inappropriateness for all audiences — but not doing the same for men who showed their nipples. If men can show their nipples, women should be able to too — this is what feminism is all about, equality.

(For the record, it is in fact legal for women to bear their bare breasts in public in Canada. Yay for us!)

"Free The Nipple" may have been the spark that ignited the trend to bare our breasts but this season's trend has elevated the feminist message to a whole other level. Glitter breasts scream, "yeah, we're walking around with bare breasts" and "women's breasts are magical unicorns!!" too.

Today's upgraded and amplified glitter breasts taking social media by storm are truly works of art. People are creating masterpieces out of their chests, fastening larger jewels over their nipples and smaller gemstones in an artful smattering of sparkle reaching their collarbone.

People are matching their glitter to their lipstick and crystallizing their brow-bones and temples too.

Some women are grabbing a brush and body paint and adding feathers to their full-on crystal chest plates too.

Glitter breasts were spotted on numerous women at Glastonbury music festival in June and at Coachella earlier this year, in April. There's a good chance we'll see them at Way Home, Osheaga and Pop Montréal too, now that Canada's music festival is ramping up. If you're headed to a music festival this summer and are dying to let your inner unicorn out, here are some glitter breast tips:

Invest in some self-adhesive body jewels that are large enough in size to cover your areola. British beauty brand The Gypsy Shrine sells pre-packaged kits and ship next-day to Canada. You could also shop on Etsy and Amazon for sheets of multi-colour gemstones in a variety of sizes.

Prepare your skin with a generous layer of firm hair gel or hair spray, which helps to prime the surface you'll be decorating with gemstones. Any brand will do but look for a product that promises a firmness as opposed to softness, it will have a tackier consistency. You'll also want to set the gemstones with a generous layer of hairspray.

Fill in the gaps between your large gemstones with a smaller form of glitter. We love extra fine glitter in a variety of shades for the ultimate unicorn look but a monotone glitter breast — all white or all pink, for example — looks dope too.

Finish with a layer of pastel body paint across your shoulders and down your arms, and perhaps in your hair. Any colour will do but silver, gold and metallic white will look extra cool when you're dancing in the sunshine.

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