Fall's biggest hair trends according to Canadian stylists

What’s hot this season in cuts, styling, colour and accessories.

What’s hot this season in cuts, styling, colour and accessories

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With the arrival of fall comes the desire for a hair change-up. Salon books fill up with appointments for big chops, colour transformations, protective styles and the like. 

I had a chat with 5 Canadian hair stylists about the biggest hair trends this fall and what to keep in mind before you try them. Some are elevated carry-overs from the summer, a strong '90s influence continues and the '70s, too.

So, if you're looking for a hair refresh this fall, here's a good place to start.

The cuts

The stylists all agree that bob cuts are big this fall. "For fall the bob and lob cuts are still going strong, but these cuts have evolved with a twist. We are seeing these cuts with less of a blunt finish and more on the shaggy, softer side," says Natalie James, founder and CEO of Vent Blow Dry Bar. Asha Mcleod, co-owner of Jazma Hair Inc., says to also watch for cuts and styles with tendrils popping up.

In terms of maintenance James adds that shorter doesn't always mean easier. "Short styles, depending on the length, can no longer be thrown up in an effortless top-knot or pony. These cuts, for the most part, need to be styled each day."

Frank Cini, owner of Taz Hair Co., adds that bob cuts above the shoulders are definitely hot and we're seeing some subtle asymmetrical cuts "in order to keep short hair look looking modern with disconnection. Disconnection is two or more zones without a technical connection point."

The colour

Frank Cini insists that hair trends have longer staying power than ever before. "That is why we will continue to see pastels in hair colour on straighter hair shapes." Colour-wise at Jazma Hair Inc. they're getting requests for "varying shades of reds and rich tones of wines, to crimson, to violet this fall."

Arcana Salon, co-owner Nicole Cousins says "we're seeing a huge shift toward warmer tones and more dimensional tones, like golden blond and soft coppers."  For Cousins the best thing about warmer, more lived-in colour "is that it grows in more naturally and requires less maintenance." She advises that it's always best to consult your stylist about which colours and placements will best suit your hair texture, natural colour and skin tone.

The styling

Amina "Mina" Lawal of Ziba Style Bar focuses on braids and protective styles. She says boho inspired braids is one of the braid styles that will continue to be super trendy for fall. This look includes goddess braids, goddess locs, goddess lemonade braids and passion twists.

According to Mina this style is still popular because "it's a look that gets better as it gets worn in. Perfection is not the goal of this look, the irregularity is what gives it that messy neat look with a carefree vibe. The less uniformed… the better." Feed-in cornrows and knotless braids will also be big this fall. The latter of which does not leave the knot at the roots and gives a flatter look. Mina stresses that, "This style is best for those who have strong consistent hair strands, especially around the edges."

Natalie from Vent says long hair is also still a fave this fall but, like Mina, mentions they're seeing "women moving away from all one length and opting for lots of layers and even bangs for a more boho inspired look."

Additionally Natalie says, "We are also seeing a lot of ponytails, messy buns and unstructured, loose updos." Holly McRae co-owner of Noir Beauty Bar agrees, noting that "they're getting lots of requests for sleek ponytails. "We're doing high, low and even bob length ponytails. Especially with a side part."

The accessories

Regardless of the look, accessories will continue to dominate. "The more accessories the better! Decorated combs, clips, pins, can also use your own tresses in twists or plaits as accessories," says Asha McLeod.

She reminds us to make sure that "hair clips are not too sharp because they can leave a dent on the cuticles leading to cracked off pieces of hair." 

McRae says that their clients are also big on hair accessories this season. "Accessories are an easy way to elevate your hairstyle no matter your hair type. The whole point is to make a statement. Keep a few accessories on hand, take your look from day to night and dress up any hairstyle instantly."

Nicole also thinks that statement hair clips and accessories will be popular for fall. "It's a great way to add a more polished look to an otherwise low-effort hairstyle, perfect for fall events or weddings. Also a very cute way to grow out your bangs! "

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