Enter the summer RompHim — fashion's bro-y answer to the romper

Resistance is futile.
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Every new fashion trend has the usual conservative voices clamouring to align themselves with a camp of detractors. The resistance is often strong and loud. And brief. Those voices get weak and soft over time. I learned a long time ago the value of that old chestnut of Victor Hugo's: "Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come". Well, actually what he said was: "One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas". Of course he likely wasn't referring to a summer onesie for dudes, but fashion history is riddled with trends some less visionary folk fought in vain. Bell bottoms. Shortlongs. Fauxhawks. Hammerpants. Bootcut. Beards. Skinnyjeans. Manbuns.      

Don't waste energy hating. I've straight up had people ridicule me for a fashion choice I'm making only to be sheepishly rocking it (a little late to the party) a year later. No hate, late comer, but you know, don't hate fate brother.     

The RompHim was launched on… scratch that, blew up on Kickstarter when it was presented as a basic romper for men. The campaign has already reached their pledge goal 6 times over. You can support ACED Garments, the company behind the project, with a simple pledge of $5, drop $95 to guarantee yourself a RompHim, $225 for a 3-pack of bro rompers (brompers?), or go big all the way up to $1,250 for a trip to Chicago to meet and join the RompHim team, getting yourself a custom summer suit in the process. Expect delivery by July or August depending on your level of allegiance to the RompHim project. ACED is confident this'll be your favourite new summer outfit. Given its apparent popularity, it may just become a warm weather staple. Prepare yourself to see, or be seen in, the one-piece mansuit at bbqs and pool parties this season.

The truth is jumpsuits (traditionally for military types — paratroopers specifically, hence the name) have been trending for a minute. This is just the warm weather version. Reminiscent of an old-timey bathing suit for men, this is what would happen if your shirt and your shorts got hitched. Don't panic if your worried about pee breaks between sips of beer by the pool. It's got a zipper front. If you've other bathroom business to attend though, you're getting buck naked. Ask a lady friend what that's like and sit in quiet contemplation before becoming an early adopter of this trend. If you're ready for that level of commitment to style, and you've got the moxie to pull this off (and again, you will have to pull it off everytime you drop a deuce), go get it.

Here is the RompHim in all it's bro-y and breezy glory:

Actually though, style aside, the RompHim looks comfy AF. Summer uniform? Check.

If you're not on board that's cool too. But if contempt fills your heart and you're intent on maintaining your man romper hate, don't dump on those who dig it. Just let your grumpy stance with the resistance keep you airy this summer as you quietly wait for the trend, or RompHim season, to pass. Whichever comes first.   

Marc Beaulieu is a writer, producer and host of the live Q&A show guyQ LIVE @AskMen.