Do you need Christmas eyebrows for your holiday parties?

Canadian YouTuber sparks a seasonal eyebrow trend that’s freaky, on fleek and festive as a decked hall.

Canadian YouTuber sparks a seasonal eyebrow trend that’s freaky, on fleek and festive as a decked hall.

(Source: Instagram, @taytay_xx)

You've strung the lights, hung the wreath, challenged your credit rating crossing everyone off your list and your holiday baking is well underway, but have your tended to your eyebrows? If you're one to stand toe to toe with the most Griswoldian of us, you should be reaching for your makeup bag right now.      

However extra, Toronto-born YouTube talent, Taylor R may have changed the landscape of must-honour holiday traditions with her recent beauty tutorial (Day 4 of Vlogmas). The video caption asked a simple question: "Christmas Tree Eyebrows 🎄 Yes or No? "

Spoiler alert: the answer, it seems, was a very festive YES. Frankly, we agree — any reason to celebrate. Even if the reason is a thinly veiled-excuse to festoon your face with holiday cheer. We're into it. At the intersection of beauty trends and holiday spirit now sits #ChristmasTreeEyebrows and hardcore holiday revelers should take heed.  

Here's the original full video but Taylor (aka @taytay_xx) also shared a much shorter version with her 320K Instagram followers. Let it wash over you like so much xmas glitter.

Fan your brow fur with gel and bedeck with gems and stickers as you see fit until a well-adorned tree reclines directly above each of your peepers. Got it. Side note: we may have added a flourish of tiny presents cascading into the hairline à la Jem and the Holograms but one could save that for Christmas day. Arguably rich on kitsch, some have drawn parallels between this beauty trend and the ugly Christmas sweater tradition that's thoroughly milked of every gaudy drop each holiday season. But loud or not, we dig all traditions old and new so, full disclosure, you may find us rocking brows both merry and bright at an Ugly Eyebrow Party or Christmas Face Rave.     

Regardless, Taylor's followers were quick to, well, follow, starting with Canadian vlogger Naomi Rose.

As were other influencers.

A lot of influencers. Like this one who decked the "halls" with green and gold.

Hints of a Rudolphian influence are suggested by these face trees supported by a pretty-in-pink nose.

Some chose to conjure a certain traditional sweetness like this candy cane brow.

Others kept it traditional, with functional twinkling tree lights, gifts and bows.

If props seem like too much of a time commitment or facial workout, consider the demure multi-coloured light liner.

Still others chose to lean more fauna than flora. We might have gone for an arctic fox or or snowy owl but penguins tend to garner universal favour.

Should you be unsure how to carry your festive face flare, don your finest holiday livery and pair it all with some decidedly done Xmas nails… for balance.

If you need inspiration for any looming festivities but trees, candy or antarctic wildlife don't quite blow your eyebrow hair back, consider that our own beauty expert Kyne also has several holiday-worthy tutorials for anyone wanting glammed-up options, both naughty and nice.