Canadian women are creating the most stunning lingerie with the most beautiful messages too

Strip down and feel confident in your underwear, as well as your own skin.

Strip down and feel confident in your underwear, as well as your own skin.


The right piece of lingerie can be an instant confidence-booster and the six companies listed below certainly understand this.

These Canadian lingerie companies have made it their mission to empower women by encouraging them to embrace their bodies — their campaigns feature women of all shapes and sizes, looking and feeling their most confident. As pretty as artwork, composed of delicate and feminine pieces you'll be sure to swoon over.

It may not surprise you that these lingerie companies were all founded by women. The women behind these well-crafted garments want you to feel confident and sexy in your own skin – and lingerie. And that's not hard when their collections are as gorgeous as these.

Fortnight Lingerie

Handmade in Toronto, this elegant line of lingerie is meticulously crafted by a team of craftswomen – it takes 25 steps and components to make just one of their bras. Known for their gorgeous body suits, Fortnight Lingerie has attracted praise from high profile fans such as Khloe Kardashian and they have been featured in fashion magazines the world over. The brand hopes to "make women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin". Italian jerseys, European lace and the brand's own "Power Mesh" combine to create a line of timeless garments that work support and flatter too.

Mary Young

Named after its founder and designer, this Toronto-based line aims to empower women by encouraging them to embrace their own sexy, rather than the one dictated by industry standards. The brand features lingerie and loungewear made for comfort and style, with pieces made with jerseys, knits and soft elastics to that move with the wearer. They recently launched the The Self Love Club – a movement focused on creating dialogue focused on self love, acceptance, and embracing one's individual beauty. Not a mere marketing ploy, the company's site explains, "The club is not us, the club is not purchasing a garment, the club is you and your attitude." A brand that offers comfortable undergarments and empowers women to love themselves – we consider that a worthy addition to our underwear drawer.

Sokoloff Lingerie

Made in Montreal, this lingerie is designed and crafted in the city itself, with a focus on promoting healthy body image in its wearers and flattering an array of shapes. Named after its designer, Sofia Sokoloff, the company encourages women to embrace their own beauty and imperfections. Unlike many big-name lingerie companies, Sokoloff have forgone the common padding in lingerie, and opted for the soft-cupped bras instead. The pieces are delicate and lacy, with clean lines, and certainly worth coveting.

With Love Lingerie

With Love was founded by Carrie Russell and is designed for the woman who wants her entire wardrobe to be fashionable – including her undies. The beautiful thing about this company is that it strives to flatter all shapes and even provides the option for custom-made pieces sewn to the wearer's measurements. You can take home a one-of-kind piece of handmade beauty instead of relying on a size chart. All pieces are made ethically in Toronto, and the company even participates in micro loans to help seamstresses and designers in war torn or economically depressed areas.

Ellesmere Lingerie

Founded by designer Julia Rechel, Ellesmere is based in Montreal and uses a selection of delicate silks and lace —  each and every piece is hand sewn to fit and flatter, and they're totally swoon-worthy. The line was launched last year and Ellesmere says the collection is made up of pieces inspired by "the Arctic North and its parallels with city life". As cool as the brand's goal of seeking to empower its wearers to feel their most confident in skin and their skivvies.

Less is A'mor

Also made right here in Canada, this luxury lingerie brand is handmade in Toronto. Created by designer, Irina Shirad, the brand encourages women to embrace their sensuality. Known for their lingerie and harnesses, this company aims to have each of their hand-crafted pieces help a woman embrace her sexuality and feel her most confident and beautiful. Just like the other brands on this list, Less is A'mor believes the underpinnings a woman chooses to dress herself in can help her feel confident and sexy — demonstrating just how powerful a lacy little number can truly be.