9 Super-cool scarves and all the ways to wear them

Don't underestimate the power of winter's go-to accessory

Don't underestimate the power of winter's go-to accessory

Scarves! We all own them and don them every year, yet most of us literally just tie one on and head out the door. Which is a shame. This one basic winter accessory can make a big difference in your wardrobe. Rectangle, triangle or blanket scarf, poncho or cape, we've rounded up our favourite 10 ways to style your scarf. Check out these shapes, that it turns out, are absolutely right for your look, and never wonder again how to drape them.

The Front Wrap

Take your blanket scarf and turn it into a sophisticated-looking wrap. Drape one end over one shoulder with enough length to hang to at least your hip. Then wrap the scarf around your back, over the opposite shoulder, and across your torso. Toss the remaining length back over the original shoulder. Fold the scarf over at the neck to create a soft cowl.

Accessories by Talia Denim Stripe Scarf, $25,


Take a classic long rectangular scarf and loosely loop it around your neck and over your shoulders for the look of an infinity scarf with the warmth of a shawl. Layer it on top of tees, sweaters and even tanks.

The Group by Babaton Lippard Rectangle, $110,

One Shoulder

How elegant does this look? And really so simple, but have you ever worn your scarf this way? Try it immediately. A wool scarf worn this way over a sweater, turtleneck or even wool coat will instantly elevate your look.

Wilfred Gasperin Rectangle, $95,

Take a triangle scarf or shawl and hang it over one shoulder. Might one shoulder be cold? Yes. But it's a fashion risk to take.

Wilfred Diamond Mosaic Trngl, $65,

The Classic with a Twist

Take the classic loop and twist it to the side. The longer the tail, the more dramatic.

Melt Bhalay fringed striped camel and yak-blend scarf, $485,

Coat Topper

Cold but not quite ready to break out your parka? Throw a big poncho or blanket scarf over your wool coat for an extra layer of warmth and cozy-cool style.

Holzweiler Tableau large fringed plaid wool scarf, $165,


A fringed shawl or triangular scarf adds texture to a simple shift dress or even a tee and jeans — and warmth when you find yourself sitting under those blaring office vents. Simply loop it around your neck, bandana-style to quickly change the look when you add a coat.

Kit & Ace Burbank Shawl, $298,

Bandana Rama

Speaking of bandana style, this look can be created with square, rectangular and triangular scarves and is a great way to add interest to an outfit (or cover up coffee stains!) — plus it's perfect under your outerwear, allowing you to casually leave your coat open a few inches without freezing.

Wilfred Mosaic Triangle, $65,

All-weather fun

Want to stand out from the crowd? Get a scarf with pom-poms to add even more texture—and let's be honest—more fun to your look. Though perfect for spring, pom-poms are like grown-up fidget spinners when you're waiting for the bus in the cold.

Captiva Cashmere Pom-Pom Trimmed Cashmere Scarf, $298,

The Great Caper

While the same look can be achieved with a blanket scarf, if you really want to be comfortably enveloped in warmth, opt for a cape with a rounded neck opening so it drapes over your shoulders effortlessly.

Ann Taylor Geo Striped Cape, $130.76,