5 ways to work the lingerie trend into your everyday look

If it's going to be this comfortable and look this good, count us in.

If it's going to be this comfortable and look this good, count us in.


You've probably seen it all over Instagram so we don't have to convince you that that "boudoir fashion" is trending in a big way right now: fluffy bedroom slippers as sandals, silk PJs as an evening suit and teddies as tops are everywhere. But how do you pull off the trend without looking like you forgot to put on your actual clothes?

To start, we asked Liliana Mann, president of Linea Intima and owner of new Toronto lingerie shop, Rêve Rouge, for her advice on how to find the right fit for you. Because, like any piece of apparel, fit is most important...especially when you're wearing a thong!

According to Mann, fit can vary with bodysuits, depending on fabric—for instance lace, which may not stretch, versus spandex, which will. So, she says to start with the size you usually take. "Body suits are meant to fit tight and snug," she says. She adds that you will know that the fit is right if the thong or gusset doesn't ride up and quite simply, if the bodysuit feels comfortable. Today's bodysuits with their mesh, lace and multiple straps, may look complicated, but they shouldn't feel that way.

What clothes look best with bodysuits? "Bodysuits look great with anything high-waisted," says Mann, as it adds to the hourglass silhouette that a piece of shapewear often creates. Or, try wearing your bodysuit under a sheer or crop top. Mann adds that lingerie can dress up your comfy clothes, like jeans or even joggers.

Here are five more outfit ideas we love.

High-waisted skirt + sheer bodysuit

Whether you choose a simple bodysuit or a showstopper, pair a simple pencil skirt with lingerie that's meant to be seen. That might mean a bit more coverage or just something that begs to be worn.

Yeezy Sheer Bodysuit, $412,

La Perla Peony Black Bodysuit in Embroidered Stretch Tulle and Silk Georgette, $2750.91,

Jeans + kimono + full-coverage body suit

When you're already wearing a boudoir-inspired piece like a kimono, you'll want to keep your bodysuit a little less bedroom. These ones have traditional lingerie details without the lace.

Fleur du Mal Satin Bullet Bodysuit, $441.35,

Fortnight Willow Bodysuit, $168,

Jeans + motorcycle jacket + sweet bodysuit

Contrast the toughness of a leather jacket with a sweet ballet-inspired bodysuit or go a bit more '80s Madonna with white lace.

Talula Dalal Bodysuit, $40,

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Reia lace and tulle bodysuit, $200,

Jeans + blouse + fun bodysuit

Display just a hint of your lingerie by layering it under a blouse with the first four or so buttons undone. This works well with a fun pattern or details too sexy to completely reveal.

Stella McCartney Florence Fluttering leopard-print stretch-mesh bodysuit, $105,

Bluebella Angelina Bodysuit, $86,

Dark jeans + blazer + opaque bodysuit

Not necessarily office-appropriate, this blazer ensemble could take you to a nice dinner or evening out. Choose a bodysuit without sheer panels to keep it modest.

Fleur du Mal Guipure lace-trimmed stretch-knit bodysuit, $265,

Victoria's Secret Lace-Up Bodysuit, $78,