30 Hella cute Halloween costume ideas from the web for babies

Adorable inspo for your little pumpkins.

Adorable inspo for your little pumpkins.

(Source: Instagram/@houselarsbuilt)

One of the main problems with babies is that they can't dress themselves. Ugh, develop your fine motor skills already, babies! The flip side of that cute coin is BABIES CAN'T DRESS THEMSELVES: SO YOU CAN DRESS THEM ANY WAY YOU WANT FOR HALLOWEEN!!

Especially this time of year. Here are a bunch of babies dressed in creative Halloween costumes so cute it's spooky. Adorable inspo below.


Take inspo from your next grocery shopping trip and create a perfect little pineapple costume for Halloween! 


A little human scuttling around in this very cute squirrel suit is top shelf Halloween hilarity.

Hot Dog

Any comestible tube suit will do for a small human but why not go with a food fave like the classic frank here.

Scuba Baby

The beauty here is that snorkel acts like a flawless pacifier keeping your little swimmer in character the entire (k, most of the) night.

Old Lady

Hilariously appropriate especially if your little person is still getting used to walking on their old bones to begin with.

Top Gun

Trick out the stroller like a fighter jet and you win Halloween with this hilarious homage to 80s flyboys.

A Taco

Such a perfect use of felt and pom poms, this taco costume is the sweetest version of one of our favourite snacks. 


Just. Plain. Cute. Dress like a bee and take your flower everywhere. Maybe do that all year, because this is purely endearing.


A crafty and sweet get up for almost any size northern nocturnal bird in your house.

Ice cream cone

The sweetest Halloween costume out there. 


Quills be damned. Any child in this costume is begging for a squeeze from mom and dad. Adorbs.

Bowl of Spaghetti

A handily portable bowl of baby carbs. No doubt worth the price of yarn and craft time investment.


Never has a sentient creature with eight legs filled us with more joy. Most lovable octopod ever.

Carl from UP

Again, making the old new again with undeniably winsome hilarity.

Pikachu Pocket Monster

Pokemon devotee or not, it's always a sound idea to dress your infant as the most famous electric mouse ever. P.S. Pikachu is an electric mouse.

Mandrake Plant

Tip of the sorting hat to this Harry Potter homage. Equal parts sweet and funny.

Top Chef

No tiny chef wearing this delicious outfit is in danger of being eliminated.   

Baby for Prez

For the family with great expectations for their brood. Also, perfect for little ones who can't quite walk up to the podium yet. (Hint: works for lil' prime ministers too).

Oompa Loompa

To dress your child a creature who lives to mass produce candy on the most candy heavy night of the year just feels right. Also, huge cute points here.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

No one will be afraid of this ghost. It's too freakin' adorbs.


While we're on the subject, if you know three babies of science who know about bustin' ghosts, this is an easy win.


The perfect costume for any parents with a green thumb or a strong appreciation of cryptozoology.

Lobster for dinner

Something for those who prefer a darker (yet hilarious) costume for the season. 

Tiny Cactus

Prickly or not, this crafty little cactus is pure costume cuteness. It's also looks pretty reasonable for a DIY. 

Nacho Libre

This little luchador doesn't need to fight us. Our hearts are already pinned to the mat — mostly because we're laughing too hard to wrestle free from his cute hold over us.


If your child goes out for Halloween in this and you aren't dressed as a pirate, we need to talk about your priorities. Very cute colourful birdy.

Three Blind Mice

As far as nursery rhyme-inspired costumes go, this one is expertly (and adorably) executed. Watch all the cute DIY baby costume ideas from blog The House that Lars Built:

Baby Bat

On the easier end of the DIY spectrum, this little black bat costume is just wings and ears. Just crack out the black clothes and voila — night stalker. It's also a great costume idea for babies.

A mouse and her cheese

A creative way to dress up both kiddos this Halloween. 

Bonus: The Classic Pumpkin

The classics never fail. But in a pinch we suggest stopping by a pumpkin patch and go full OG gourd costume: