15 OTT outfit-making bags

Never say we’re boring

Never say we’re boring

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We've all been there - you wake up bright and early, ready to face the day, take one look inside your closet and like a sartorial slap in the face, you're back under the covers. Okay, maybe I'm being a touch dramatic, but you get the idea. None of you clothes fit and even if they did, you can't find a single thing that you'd want to wear. Then comes the shame spiral: What kind of lunatic owns seven pairs of black jeans? Why does that overpriced jacket still have the tags on it? I could go on...

So here's my quick fix - STATEMENT PURSES! Something colourful and fun that will make you smile, make your boring outfit interesting, and finally make you drag yourself out of bed. Here are 15 of our faves that you can buy the next time you're stuck in a style rut.

Let them eat cake

If anyone knows how to have fun with fashion, it's Kate Spade. And this cake-shaped bag will certainly make you feel good without the extra calories. Talk about a cherry on top!

Ma Cherie Cherry Cake, $398,

Hog wild

Nothing will make you happier than a pig in sh*t quite like this pig-shaped straw purse by the appropriately named cult favourite brand, Cult Gaia. Sure, the price is a little steep, but bust open your piggy bank cause this little piggy is worth it.   

The Babe, $198 USD,

All dolled up

I honestly have no idea what I'm looking at but I'm obsessed! It looks like a one-dimensional cut out that you used to make for your dolls (I think that's what they're going for?), but it works like an actual backpack!

JumpFromPaper Spaceman Pink Backpack, $120,

Bettlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

If you've ever wondered what one one of the best characters in cinematic history would look like as a bag, wonder no more! This striped bag from Zara has just as much personality as Beetlejuice and bonus points, no sandworms in sight.

Two-Tone Striped Cross Body Bag, $45.90,

Fun for all

We dare you to find anyone who can carry this purse around and have a bad day.

Milly Faux Fur Drawstring Bucket Bag, $315,

Pining for you

Go on a Caribbean staycation with this adorable wicker pineapple purse by, who else, Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson Load the Paradise Bag, $87.99,

Picture perfect

Want to look like you're into art/photography without the burden of lugging around an actual camera? Then this synthetic leather bag is for you!

MAKEGSI Classic Camera Shaped Clutch, $32.99,

In the pink

I just love how cute and bright this purse is - it looks like a wad of the best way possible.

Asos Pouch Clutch Bag, $37.43,

Hello kitty

If you've ever met me, you know that my cat love is very deep and very real (and if we're being honest, a touch humiliating). However, I feel like Karl Lagerfeld might have me beat with his Choupette he's making major coin off of it and sadly, I'm not.

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Glittered PVC Clutch, $317,

Getting handsy

Would love to know what designer Christopher Raeburn was on when he made this "hand"bag. Did he just spend a day at Disney? Was he feeling super literal? Who knows, but let's give him a big hand for creativity.

Christopher Raeburn Hand Purse, $211,

What a hoot

Yes, this bag is ridiculous. Yes it can barely hold a lipstick. And yes it costs more than you should ever EVER pay for a bag. But oh my god it's so friggin cute.

Fendi Micro-Baguette Fur Embellished Bag, $2,230,

All that glitters

If you're going to knock off Gucci, you might as well add glitter, amiright?

Aldo Feronnel Bag, $65,

Baby got back

While I'm not one to buy into the Kardashian empire, I've got to give Kendall + Kylie a little bit of credit here. This backpack, while not super functional, is pretty darn cute. Comes in black too for us disasters out there.  

Kendall & Kylie Normie Faux Fur and Leather Backpack, $199.28,

Love is love is love

Wear your heart on your sleeve AND on your purse. Plus, with so many colours, it will pretty much go with anything.

Milly Half Rainbow Moon Clutch, $393.27,

Fast fashion

Talk about a compact car lol, bad joke. If cute dogs are "chic magnets," I'm going to call this purse a "dude magnet." Good luck, ladies!

Braccialini Carina Satchel Car Bag, $273.75,