We love Taco Squirrel! Because we are her.

(Source left: Twitter, @MariaBianchi; credit right: iStock/Getty Images)

Our fascination with animals acting like humans is bottomless. It cannot be sated. Chimps in pants. Dogs wearing sunglasses. Ferrets in bowties. No combination of animal/attire will ever slake our thirst. The basic sight gag lights up the reward centres of our brains like a gas fire. Animals eating people food (or looking like it) is an ancillary branch of this comedic genre but no less loved. Pizza rat. Never forget.

Prepare your brain then for Taco Squirrel. The furry foodie is making the rounds on Twitter thanks to Maria Bianchi, a New Yorker who snapped an idyllic pic of Sciurus carolinensis (science for common grey squirrel) eating a taco in a tree. Though Taco Squirrel still has some winter weight on her, or less likely, him (it's tough to tell from the pic as that taco shell is substantial, but female squirrels are the gatherers, male squirrels are lazy, fact.) she's not worried about trimming down for summer. She's worried about getting a taco the size of a chubby winter squirrel into her face. And rightly so. I plan on doing the same before the day is over, though there aren't a lot of trees with weight-supporting branches in my area of the city. 

We love to humanize animals, watch them eating people food, have people-like motivations for doing people things like being jerks or heros. It feeds our sense of superiority when animals act like us so we quietly coo, "they think they're peeeople". But don't get it twisted. Rushing around trying to eat a leftover taco for breakfast isn't human behaviour, it's animal behaviour. Squirrels are not like people. People are like squirrels. *laptop drop*


P.S. If you need more rodents-eating-people-food to get you through the day, meet Eggo Squirrel. And, yes, you are correct in your assumption that she will likely not leggo.

Marc Beaulieu is a writer, producer and host of the live Q&A show guyQ LIVE @AskMen.