Want to look just as cute as your pup on your next walk? Canadian company Goodboy has you covered

A look at this new stylish e-tailer with designs on both you and Sparky.

A look at this new stylish e-tailer with designs on both you and Sparky

(All photography courtesy of Goodboy)

If Instagram is any indication, we all love to look at two things: photos of people in great outfits, and cute dogs. So if you can put the two together, it's a winning combination. Hailey York figured that out, and she founded Goodboy, a brand new e-retailer that caters to stylish people and their dogs.

Like any good pet owner, York started an Instagram account in 2013 for her two dogs, and by 2015 the account had 10 thousand followers. It was clear that people loved following the lives of her golden retriever, Rems, and her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shmends. She saw an opportunity. "I realized there is this market for dog people," says York. "And I was thinking, how do I pair this industry where people are willing to spend money [on their dogs] with my desire to be in fashion?" And so Goodboy was born.

Following in the footsteps of her grandparents who owned a fashion boutique in Montreal, York launched the site in May of this year, carrying everything from hats and leggings for humans to denim vests and bowties for dogs. Because, as York says, "you never know who you're going to meet on your next walk."

With that in mind, York scours the globe for clothing that effortlessly transitions from a walk to brunch, and dog pieces that are functional and unique. She's focused on brands like Lilybod and P.E Nation from Australia, and keeps it local with Montreal-based Michi, and Toronto-based Rover Boutique.

Beyond what the site sells, York spends a lot of time developing the branding for Goodboy, too. Naturally, that includes an Instagram account full of people dressed in her wares, alongside their equally well-dressed dogs. If you're dying to see a golden retriever puppy in a backpack or a Pomeranian in a jean jacket, this is the account for you. York also recruited a group of #GoodboyGirls who, along with their furry pals, model for and help promote the brand.

The whole Goodboy operation is run out of York's basement in her Toronto home, which includes office space for her and her web developer, a studio set-up in the back, all of the site's stock which she ships herself, and of course, lots of toys for her dogs. Between her new golden retriever/Bernese mountain puppy, Penny, running around, and the dog-sized denim vests and hoodies, there's no shortage of cuteness at the Goodboy HQ.

It's a business for the future with lots of potential, and York isn't slowing down anytime soon. She's working on a custom leash collaboration with Toronto-based designer Rosa Halpern of Namesake, and she's looking to bring on menswear in the near future. "I'm super young, so people don't always think I know what I'm doing," says York, who is 27. "But I grew up with an entrepreneurial dad and grandparents, so this spirit of kicking ass on my own was something I always wanted to do."

Looking to treat your pup, or yourself? Here are our top five Goodboy picks.

If your wardrobe consists of all-black leggings, these Toronto-made ones could be a nice change of pace without going too far out of your comfort zone. Toss a sweater on with them, and you've got the perfect early-fall errand wardrobe.

Michi NY Extension Legging, $212,

We bet you didn't know your dog needed overalls until you saw these ones. They're easy to remove thanks to Velcro straps, and they have strategically placed openings so your pup can still do her business.

Charlie's Backyard Corduroy Overalls, $64,

Goodboy carries in-house branded pieces, too. This cozy, unisex hoodie is perfect for your brisk summer morning walks or those incoming fall days.

Goodboy OG Hoodie, $55,

Rep your dog's breed and protect your face from harsh UV rays with one of these hats. They're also available in nine other breeds, including corgi, husky and lab.

Dog Limited Frenchie Dad Hat, $37,

Frayed denim is a huge trend right now, so why not let your dog in on the action? This handmade leash is made with 100% natural organic hemp webbing, and there's a matching collar if you're really feeling the distressed look.

Ari & M Blue Jean Baby Leash, $88,

Tara MacInnis is a Toronto-based writer and editor with a deep love for lipstick, jumpsuits and dogs. Follow her on Instagram @tara_macinnis.