Top 10 animals to follow on instagram

Follow these furry friends to up the cute factor of your Instagram feed instantly

If your Instagram feed is being inundated with contrived selfies and pics of not-so-appetizing food, there's a simple solution to bring things back to the ridiculously cute side of social media—animals! And while dogs and cats may rule the park, these (sometimes) furry friends will still spruce up your feed with adorable-ness. Get following!

Joe Joe the Capybara
Joe Joe lives the Las Vegas life! One of the world's largest rodents, this capybara has many friends from the animal kingdom (ducks, dogs and cats) and is happy to go for a  dip in the pool or nibbling on grass and celery.


Minipigs Kookie and Kipper
Who knew pigs were better listeners than dogs? Just check out Kookie and Kipper's handle for pics of these adorable minipigs from Tennessee going for long walks with their owner, sans leash.


Wally the rabbit
An English Angora rabbit from Natick, Massachusetts, Wally rocks a mohawk better than most humans, and naturally he loves to hop, jump and even face flop (so cute!) for his owner Molly.


Juniper the fox 
With close to 1 million followers, Juniper is a certified Insta-star. She is a domesticated little fox (this is rare and foxes are very hard to train!), who likes to play with her brother Moose, loves rides in the car and has her own merch (think t-shirts and paw paintings) up on Etsy.


Pumpkin the Raccoon
Living the life in the Bahamas would be the stuff of dreams for many Canadians. But if a relocation to the islands is not in the cards, you can live vicariously through Pumpkin the Raccoon, a little gal who was rescued when she was just a baby. She now lives the life with her siblings Toffee and Oreo and even has her own coffee table book.


Priscilla and Poppleton the pigs
Two pampered mammals from Florida who wholeheartedly deserve their 646+ thousand followers are Priscilla and Poppleton, a pair of OTT cute pigs who share their beach adventures and love for costumes and their extended family all over social media.


Cecil Delevingne
When your mom's a world travelling supermodel, actor and Instagram sensation herself (we're looking at you @CaraDelevingne), life can get pretty interesting. Just ask Cecil, who is used to being toted around in Mulberry handbags, wearing Chanel accessories and being on set with his model mum.


Bikke and Tod the chipmunks
This power duo, who are also quite famous on YouTube, have over 90,000 fans and love snacks almost as much as they love cuddly towels, and running and jumping.


Jill the squirrel
This fierce female is a survivor of Hurricane Isaac who commands an audience of over 350 thousand followers with her parkour skills. She does, however, hate the vacuum, so take note.


Jack the Cockatiel
Jack the glorious grey cockatiel is the subject of some stunning pics thanks to his owner. His yellow visage and orange cheeks help to make this bird soar above other Insta-animals for his 51,000 followers.


Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla
Mr. Bagel is a fluffy white chinchilla from southern California with a penchant for tiny hats and furniture, grocery shopping (no, really!) and sprinting up the stairs.

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