This golden retriever has the most adorable greeting of all time

Caution: dog armed with weapons-grade cute-onium spotted in NYC
(Source: Instagram/@louboutinanyc)

If you don't like heart-melting dog pics, this is not the post for you. Move along. If, on the other hand, you could use a little fawn-eyed adoration and can run the risk of an irrepressible full-volume "awwww" in your day, read on.

Cesar Fernandez-Chavez got Loubie (short for Louboutina, amaze) when she was 6 months old and took to hugging her human-style immediately. Turns out, Loubie's a hugger too. Which serves her well in her day job. Loubie is a compassion animal who makes the rounds with patients in the hospital where Fernandez-Chavez works. Care-giving, it seems, is in her doggy DNA.

She's become pretty famous for her preferred form of greeting even doling out free cuddles on her days off. Jimmy Fallon made the obvious joke but Fernandez-Chavez says no walk around their Chelsea neighborhood is complete without a few platonic squeeze stops. In fact, if you're in Midtown and could use a hug, Loubie's often on the corner of 5th and 17th. Again, where she GIVES OUT HUGS TO EVERYONE! Sorry for shouting. I am overwhelmed with the cuteness.

The health benefits of hugs are numerous. A cuddle can lower blood pressure and relieve stress. There are even people who charge for hugs.

But Loubie's a true giver and works free of charge. You can check out her out in action on Instagram but here are few samples of her work: