Pet-proof your home with these animal-friendly fabrics

We put reputable fabrics to the test to see which ones work best in a pet-friendly home.
(Credit: Vetta/Getty Images)

Some fabrics are a lot more pet-friendly than others. Experts say that the key to success to going synthetic, as synthetic fabrics don't absorb liquids and odors as quickly as natural fibres. So, with the help of our home expert, Steven Sabados, we put a few reputable fabrics to the test to see which ones work best in a pet-friendly space. 

Synthetic wool

Synthetic wool looks just like the real thing but it is actually 100% polyester. The fibres are completely stain resistant, meaning liquids and spills will roll right off! Similarly, if fur gets stuck in the fabric, simply brush off excess hair and use a damp cloth to clean away any stubborn fibres that remain. With 100,000 double-rubs, the fabric won't wear down quickly. Got a pet with all their claws? Not to worry, this wool substitute won't scratch even under the toughest of nails. 

Synethic velvet

Velvet is super on-trend this season, and you don't have to miss out on bringing this fabric into your home just because of your pet! This synthetic looks just like real velvet, and also has 100,000 double-rubs, so you know it's durable. Plus, spills roll right off of the fabric. To clean up pet fur, wipe with a rubber glove, and use a cloth with a little soap and water to get off any excess hair.

Outdoor fabric

The fibres in this fabric are 100% acrylic and extremely easy to clean. To get rid of pet hair and fur, simply roll a regular lint brush that you'd use for your clothes on the synthetic. Outdoor fabrics come in tons of different colours and prints, so they're perfect for using as a slipcover on an expensive piece of furniture! 


While this one is a natural material, it still holds up strongly against anything that's thrown at it — even tough odors. When choosing your leather, look for one that's distressed, as it will hide scuffs and scratches better. Leathers are resistant to spills, but they will show scratches. So, if your pet isn't de-clawed, invest in a leather conditioner.

Now we know which fabrics work best in a pet-friendly home. Here are some materials you should stay away from:

  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Tweed, or any other looped fabric

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