Nobody sells used cars like this tiny dog in a tiny suit

This pupper might be better at adulting than you

This pupper might be better at adulting than you

(Instagram, @mister_griff)

If you're in the market for a new family sedan, you could do a lot worse than heading on down to Brus Griffin's Motor World and sniffing around his used car lot. Brus, a long time car aficionado with a penchant for riding and chasing every type of motor vehicle, is a real straight shooter who won't rake you over the coals. He's terrified of coals. Won't go near them. He's also a toy breed of dog known as a Brussels Griffon (or Griffon Bruxellois, classy). But don't get your leash twisted - when he puts on a suit, he's all business. And business is good (barket shares are up, yup, I know, I hate myself too). Listen, the real bottom line is business is mostly just hilarious and adorable.

When Brus isn't giving himself a tongue bath he's busy sniffing out the best deals on newly used family wagons. Will he give you a good price? His commercial makes no bones about it: prices are so low "because he can't read". But he doesn't let that stop him from fetching you the best deals on four wheels. If you can find a better deal, take it. Then bury it somewhere secret for later.

The cool thing about Brus is that he doesn't even play into antiquated gender norms. His real name is Gilda. Gilda's comedically inclined owner, Steph, found the now famous chintzy child-sized suit at a thrift shop and the rest is anthropomorphic entrepreneurial automotive history.

Note that the savvy business dog also moonlights as an attorney at "Griffin & Griffin Law." So, if you've been a "bad dog" or were "injured while fetching", Brus can provide sound legal counsel and litigation. He only gets paid when you do and all he asks is a little word of snout.

If you need more Brus the Business Dog (and you do), here's a link to his IG but we've sampled a few of his more delicate business dealings for you to marvel at. Take notes, go getters.

Elegant. Powerful.

Fierce negotiator.

Master of his domain.

Vision and taste cannot be taught.

Stalwart and unswayed in the face of trends.

Eye of the tiger (er, pupper)

Go get 'em Brus. May all your commerce be canine commerce. Also, who's a good little business doggy?

Marc Beaulieu is a writer, producer and host of the live Q&A show guyQ LIVE @AskMen