It's dog day! Here are 30 Canadian Instagram pups you just have to follow

Pups with personalities, pals, and 'fits you'll want to see daily.

Pups with personalities, pals, and 'fits you'll want to see daily

(Source, left: Instagram/@agnesandenzo; right: Instagram/@ivy.the.leonberger, photo: Amélie G. Dupont Photographe)

In honour of International Dog Day, we bring you another roundup of Canadian pups with personalities you'll want to keep up with on Instagram. (Check out the 25 Canadian canine content creators we featured in 2019). What's it like to be a dog with a lot of social media followers? According to their feeds, it's pretty fun. These delightful doggos seem to be having incredible summer adventures and tons of treats. Scroll on for their adorable cross-country times (and outfits to match). 

Horton and Hazel

Meet Horton McSnorton and his little sister Hazel. They're Toronto-based Frenchie siblings that are sure to put a smile on your face. Fun fact: Horton appeared on Dragons' Den!

The pugs of Grumble Farm

This trio of senior pugs love ice cream (video evidence below). Follow along on their West Coast adventures — sometimes in baby swings. 

Daisy and Gatsby

A very cute couple of corgis, Daisy and Gatsby, can often be spotted taking in the scenic outdoors of B.C. — even if it occasionally involves some super-cold glacier water. 

Prada and Player

These very good, very large Great Danes are big fans of the water. Get a glimpse of their summer in Ontario, which has so far included lots of time with other pup pals. 


Geddy the Shiloh Shepherd's epic outdoor adventures have recently taken him to lakeside vistas with mountain views, and chasing waterfalls. 

Agnes and Enzo

A tiny duo with incredible hair and a most enviable winter wardrobe, follow Agnes and Enzo's seaside antics as they explore Nova Scotia.


This pup's feed is full of gorgeous pics in spectacular locales. Based on her most recent posts, she's a big fan of the outdoors, loves a sunflower field, and looks great in flower crowns.


A self-proclaimed snack monster and good boy, Bailey the Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie) is a dapper little dude living his best life in Toronto. Follow along for this fluffy fashion star's 'fits and all-round adorableness. 

Sadie & Sawyer

Meet Sadie, "a chocolate rescue girl" who can really rock a pair of doggie goggles, and Sawyer, her "golden show dog" brother. This duo lives in Toronto, and as you can see their outdoor adventures include hikes, bonfires, swimming, and plenty of stick-chewing. 

Moose and Maize

Moose and his little sister Maize are big Berners with big personalities. Their bio reveals they're bed hogs, fearless explorers, and vocal enthusiasts! Scroll through their feed for their floofy adventures in Kelowna. 


This handsome guy is named Kif and he shares his account with his four feline siblings, the Cosmic Cats. He's a pitbull mix who can usually be found sporting what appears to be his signature green harness, exploring Edmonton, or at home chilling with the cats. 


This boisterous gal knows how to have a summer! On her feed you'll spot this Leonberger from Quebec enjoying a pupsicle, sporting her Alouettes de Montréal garb, or trotting through lavender fields. Mademoiselle Ivy is a bonafide Insta star. 


Norman the Mini Schnauzer is a little dog in a big city, as his handle says. Billed as a gentleman and a troublemaker, this adorable doggo loves wearing sweaters, holding hands, and sharing shots of Toronto with his roughly 25 thousand followers. 


A floofy little friend you'll definitely want to follow! Chico is a Teacup Pomeranian living in Vancouver — and we love that he takes sun safety seriously! 


Although she's not even a year old yet, Tilley the Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever has already had quite a few adventures! This gal from North Vancouver loves sailing and you'll often spot her sporting her adorable yellow life vest. 

Leena and Larry

Leena and Larry are a duo of very photogenic "Canadian rescue mutts" living on Vancouver Island. Their feed reveals an enviable summer spent swimming and hiking at scenic locales. 


This little canine cutie is a "weiner dog extraordinaire"... and a New York Times bestseller! When he's not busy penning (paw-ing?) books about his adventures, you can spot him and his sibling, Daphne, living the celebrity-pup life in Ontario. 


A very stylish doggo, Otis loves his bandanas and bow ties, and you can usually find him on his feed with his signature tongue-out pose. 


Meet Henry, a dashing doodle who loves ice cream and is a big fan of frisbees. 

Joey Tribbiani and Petee

These Siberian Husky siblings have almost 250 thousand fans on Instagram. Follow along as they explore Northern Ontario, where they're often spotted boating, and wearing beautiful blooms. 

Brittany Toole is an associate producer at CBC Life.

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