From cute to catastrophic: You shared your best personal squirrel stories

Whether they’re eating right out of your hand or setting up camp in your basement, these creatures sure know how to make a lasting impression.

These creatures sure know how to make a lasting impression

(Credit: John Weinhardt/

When we think about what unites us as Canadians, our minds tend to go to the textbook examples, like our love for maple syrup or the penchant for politeness that distinguishes us across the globe. But there's actually a point of connection among us that's gone under the radar until recently: just about everyone in Canada has a squirrel story they'll never be able to forget. 

Whether you've developed a strong bond based on nuts and cuddles with the ones that live in your backyard, or you're strictly focused on keeping them as far away from your home and garden as possible before they take over the world, it's safe to say these creatures know how to make an impression. So when we asked our readers to share their squirrel stories with us, we weren't exactly surprised by how many we found — just thoroughly entertained (and sometimes horrified) by the baffling behaviour of these pint-sized provocateurs. Here are a few of the cutest, funniest and most terrifying tales you shared.

With a little peanut butter and a lot of patience, you can spot squirrels striking a pose


Why yes, under the hood of a car is a perfect spot for your pine cone collection


They love to snuggle… as long as peanuts are involved


Sometimes a squirrel just needs her morning cup of joe...


… or maybe just a flag to chew on?


Whisper sweet nothings in their ears, and they may stop and listen...


...but we can't confirm that they'll get along with the rest of your pals


Even condo-dwellers can't escape 'em...


After a hearty dinner of peanuts, there's nothing better than a berry digestif


Getting on their bad side can have consequences


Like we said, squirrels like to model


"9-1-1, what's your e-squirrel-gency?"


Squirrels are also innovators at heart 


If you catch them by surprise, they'll create a killer "caption this" moment


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