Dog days indeed! Diggy the Frenchie picks his summer must-haves

CBC Life's style contributor, Joe Amio, got his super-cute dog to choose his picks for your pup

CBC Life's style contributor, Joe Amio, got his super-cute dog to choose his picks for your pup

(Credit: Joe Amio)

CBC Life: Guys, special post coming at you. Our men's style contributor, Joe Amio, got his super-cute Frenchie, Diggy, to bring you all that's up... in summer essentials for your pup. Take it away, Diggy!

The warm weather is here, which means long summer walks.  Every season is dog-spoiling season and my parents spoil me all year 'round, so don't be afraid to hint at wanting some fresh things. Many of this season's dog trends mirror the trends happening in fashion right now — or maybe my parents just want me to dress like them! Here's a peek at some of my favourites on my wishlist! -- Diggy

Hawaiian shirts have been making a huge comeback on humans these last couple years thanks to Harry Styles and Adam Levine, so my dad decided to buy me a matching one (see the feature image of me). Nothing screams "vacay vibes" or living my best life better than my Hawaiian shirt! The shirt I'm wearing on the cover is from Dog Threads but I'm also feeling this one from Casual Canine.

Maui BBQ Shirt, $40,

Casual Canine Hawaiian Breeze Camp Shirt, $75.94,

Neon and fluorescent items are all over the runways so why can't I have a collar with a little pop of colour? This bad boy is handmade from heavy duty nylon webbing which means it can stand up to all the rolling around and wrestling I love to do at the park! Another plus is, because of my brindle colouring, I can sometimes be hard to see at night so this pop really does help!

Neon Dog Collar, $13.73,

I love this Burberry-esque plaid on this Puppia over-the-head harness. Even though Harry and Meghan forgot to invite me to their big day, I like that the Puppia crest emblem adds some royal vibes to an already cool harness!

Puppia Plaid Pattern Dog Harness, $29,

At times (always) I become so focused on the balls at the park that I don't feel like playing with any other dogs. Some of the other dogs may call me anti-social, but I'm just a toy-obsessed Frenchie! Apparently camouflage is another human trend this season so my dad loves this "Anti-Social" puppy club hoodie and admittedly so do I! Perfect for the odd summer night when the temperature drops or for the night walks by the water!

ASPC Frozen Dog Hoodie, $40,

Hydration is important when out in the sun, for humans but especially for pups like me. I love this collapsible water bowl, because I can always get some of my parents' water poured in for a quick sip (slurp). With teal and pink being trending colours this season, I betcha my parents would go with the teal or pink version!

Collapsible Travel Water Bowl, $7.99,

Unfortunately when it gets really hot and muggy, bulldogs like myself can come dangerously close to overheating which is really bad for my health. My parents bring water wherever we go, but another item that helps is this cooling bandana. It absorbs and locks in water for two to six hours which really helps me keep my cool during long park plays and summer walks!

FouFit Cooling Bandana, $6.99,

It's also wedding and garden party season which means some days I have to kick it up a notch! This linen bowtie is the perfect lightweight accessory for all the outdoor and patio shindigs my parents bring (drag) me to.

Dog Linen Bow Tie, $25,

Apparently facial hair is in this season so this chew moustache will probably make for some really great shots for the "gram" while the "big smile" chew toy is also a fun option. I love chewing on anything that squeaks so these are great, but also they apparently massage my gums and teeth as I chew (gnar) so it's a win win!

Smile or Mustache Dog Chew Toy, $6.99,

Sometimes it's the accessories that really make the outfit. Check out this Top Paw Mountie Hat! Yes Canada Day is almost here and the Pharrell vibes will always work. Not to mention that a wide-brim hat protects me from too much sun. "Canadiana cool" at its best!

Top Paw Mountie Hat, $9.99,

Diggy the Frenchie is a Toronto Frenchie, who enjoys frisbee and fresh toys. When not running around in the park you can find him lounging on the couch binge-watching "The Office" and living his best life. Follow him @DIGGYTHEFRENCHIE.