7 of the best places to visit online when you need dog training advice

This is about to become your go-to list of sites and channels by (actually) qualified trainers.

This is about to become your go-to list of sites and channels by (actually) qualified trainers

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In so many ways, having a dog today is much easier than it was in the past; present day dog owners have quick access to great schools, groomers, off-leash parks, toys (oh the toys), and the list goes on. If we need help with any problem, all we need to do is get out our smartphones and start searching. The problem is that there can be hundreds of different results for even the simplest dog training conundrum. Couple that with the fact that the dog training industry is largely unregulated, and we can quickly find ourselves adrift in a sea of conflicting information. 

The good news is that there are, in fact, people out there with the expertise and the qualifications to help. We rounded up some of the best online sources of dog training and education, from Youtube channels, to blogs, to online courses. Whether you want to just dip your toes in and watch a few short videos, or become a dog training wizard, there's something for you here.

Dog Training by Kikopup

When we polled all the trainers we knew, this Youtube channel received a clear and unanimous vote. Not only is Emily Larlham a world-renowned dog training expert, but she very generously shares her knowledge with the public in simple, easy-to-copy videos on her channel. You can find an answer to almost every question you've ever had about your pup, and trust her to take you through the solution step by step. She never shies away from difficult problems and there is a breadth of information — helpful to experts and newbies alike.

The Dog Trainer: Quick and Dirty Tips with Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA         

These brilliant articles show up in my feed regularly with good reason. Jolanta provides very clear, simple explanations in her posts, that are both firmly science-based and not intimidating. She covers a wide range of topics, so you should be able to find an answer to even the most obscure question. 

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Don't let the name fool you, this school is definitely not limited to people that are interested in dog sports. It's packed with webinars, seminars, and courses designed to help you get the absolute best performance from your dog. Expect tips you will have never seen before, and expect your skills in basic handling and precision to improve leaps and bounds.

Domesticated Manners on Youtube with Chirag Patel

Chirag Patel is a soft-spoken trainer responsible for changing the way that many think about animal behaviour; his overarching philosophy is rooted in the idea that we should respect our pets' pacing, space and needs. His techniques are out-of-the-box and just incredibly effective. He'll teach you new ways to help your dog become comfortable with nail trims, muzzles, harnesses, and vet visits — and he doesn't stop with dogs either… watch him train turtles and primates too!


Developed by a team of Toronto-based trainers with a wealth of experience and qualifications, this is a great resource for all things dog. Find on-demand webinars and workshops, and if you're in the Toronto area, you can take advantage of in-person workshops and training. 


I can honestly say that much of my dog training library has been purchased through Dogwise. The site is easy to navigate since products have been sorted according to level of expertise, and specific behavioural issues. Whether you're looking for a book, a DVD, an online webinar, or a CD, you can find it here. The best part? Dogwise has sifted through the pseudo-science and misinformation so that you don't have to. 

CBC Life's dog training series on YouTube

Don't forget to check out my training series with CBC Life! It covers those annoying problems that almost all dog owners deal with, from your pup jumping up when you don't want them to, to them not coming when called. Aside from seeing me put my advice to the test (!) I think you'll enjoy these instructional videos that are short, sweet, and easy to follow along with.

Danielle Hodges is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator for Dog, baby, and toddler safety. She is co-owner of Follow the Leader Inc Dog Training School with locations in Toronto and Hamilton.