25 pets of the internet dressed as bunnies because EASTER!

Bunny ears fix everything.

Bunny ears fix everything.

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Ancient beliefs about rabbits were peculiar. They were thought to be hermaphroditic and capable of auto-procreation, keeping their virginities intact. Associations to purity and their obvious fertility made them an ideal Christian symbol (virgin births being something of tenet in Christianity). To the credit of the observational skills of ancient humans, rabbits are truly prolific breeders. A female rabbit can become pregnant with a new litter when she's already pregnant with a first batch of rabbits. It's something of an evolutionary game changer and one of the reasons springtime yields an impressive amount of brand new bunnies.

Modern beliefs about bunnies still centre around their fertility, associations with springtime and a more contemporary consensus that they are tastiest when fashioned out of chocolate. They are also the costume choice par excellence for all manner of creature when the goal is to render the wearer more adorable (or more amusing).

In point of fact, we challenge you to not appreciate the cuteness or comedic value of these pets dressed as bunnies. Feast your hungry vernal eyes on:

This spaniel tag team who can't believe the indignity they're being subject to

This black lab who is just not that into spring

The basset hound who has no fight left

These casual professional models for which this is just another day at the dog run

This poster kitty for curmudgeons everywhere

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This resigned pug in a pink bunny jumpsuit

(The Pet Collective)

This guy keeping it meta


These guinea pigs hiding "eggs" near your plants


This dog who was clearly promised treats to stand at attention in full bunny regalia


This boston terrier who will be peeing on something you love shortly


This baby bulldog who has us calling the city to see how many puppies one can own, legally


This Pekinese in a basket who is hopped up on springtime goofballs


This great dane who's too dumb to hurt anyone even though he could crush your skull


This ferret who is just happy to be at a photoshoot


This snake who is certain he's tricked the other rabbits and is blending in #notatourist


This boxer going on a walk of shame hoping he doesn't run into anyone he knows


This terrier who is happy to guard the eggs but thinks wearing bunny ears is a bridge too far


This cat on the grass who feels alienated and disenfranchised


This sleeping pupperoni who has no idea she's involved in an Easter-themed boudoir photoshoot


This lizard bunny who better get the live crickets she was promised


This bulldog who is not swayed by the ol' carrot on a stick incentive


This german shepherd who just wants to help deliver eggs but needs a full address with postal code


This french bulldog pup who has mastered the use of weapons grade cute-onium


This chihuahua who ordered an extra small and is never shopping online again


And finally, this bumblebunny. Melt. Note: if you can still breathe while looking at this, you're dead inside.