If you're a straight A student on Twitter, Nicki Minaj will pay your tuition fees

The spontaneous and spectacular dawn of the Minaj Student Bursary

The spontaneous and spectacular dawn of the Minaj Student Bursary

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Rainbow-haired rap unicorn Nicki Minaj often acts like she gives zero effs. But this Saturday the hip hop goddess proved she gives quite a few, especially when it comes to her fans and their academic advancement. While tweeting about a contest where her devotees got the chance to attend the Billboard Music Awards, she boasted (in true hip hop bravado, er, bravada?) that she had the financial well-being to fly any fan from any location on earth to the event.

Minaj's deep purse (probably a Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag) got the attention of one struggling student who challenged her to put her money where his brain is: he asked her flat out to pay for his schooling.

Without batting a gigantic eyelash, Minaj said yes. There was only one proviso. He had to prove he was an A student. But the benevolent act of academic funding didn't end there. Onika Tanya Minaj then opened up a new scholarly "contest" to EVERYONE. And she was as serious as a final exam.

Making true on her spontaneous tweet, she started answering the prayers of hard up, hard working students everywhere.

She helped students who couldn't enrol or pay for books.

She even helped students who had graduated but were struggling with academic loans.

The requests kept coming and she just kept saying yes, dropping academic grants into bank accounts. There's no getting around it. She was going full Oprah on the giveaways. You get an education, you get an education, you get… the point. Still, the goodwill was as eye opening as some of her saltier lyrics are. It was spectacular.

In the end, Minaj got magnanimous over and over again agreeing to pay school related costs for over a dozen Twitter strangers.

Eventually she did have to reign it in. But she promised she'd be back in a couple of months to finance the education of even more people she doesn't know. Tip of the mortar board to Miss Minaj. Β 

If things are looking tight for your fall semester and you're not sure flipping burgers all summer is gonna cover it, you could do worse than messaging Nicki on Twitter to get on the Minaj Scholarship Bursary (Full Academicki Scholarship?). All you need is good academic standing and a Twitter account. Being a Nicki fan won't hurt your chances either. Minaj is not the first celeb to offer funding to struggling students but she seems to be the first to do so after being micro trolled on Twitter.

She's been clear about who she is. She is not Jasmine. She is Aladdin. And she's got the whole heroic magic carpet salvation thing down to prove it. Come to that, she may actually be Genie. Β