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This sleek copper bulletin board is your key to (finally) getting your space organized

A chic and savvy DIY all minimalists will covet

A chic and savvy DIY all minimalists will covet

We've all been there: our desk strewn with enough papers and post-it notes to cover it completely, no hope of order or cleanliness in sight. Traditional bulletin boards are far too clunky to solve the problem while keeping your space looking chic, so ditch the thumbtacks for this DIY copper wall organizer. It's an elegant way to keep your mementos and letters right where you need them. Perfect for an office space that could use a little personal flair, all the while remaining sophisticated and minimalist.

A chic and savvy DIY all minimalists will covet. 1:36

Here's what you'll need:

  • Wire Fencing – 1m x 90cm, 14 gauge
  • 2 copper pipes –  1.25cm diameter, 5cm x 86cm length
  • 2 copper pipes – 1.5cm diameter, 5cm x 101cm length
  • 4 copper elbows – 1.25cm
  • Copper wire – 18 gauge
  • Black Lucite – 46cm x 29.25cm, at 3mm thick
  • Two wood boards
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Gold spray paint

Here's how to do it:

Frame the wire fencing with the copper pipes. Take your sandpaper and rub down the ends of each pipe.

Brush a little bit of glue on the end of each pipe. Insert each end into a copper elbow to create a solid frame. Overlay the wire fencing on top of your new copper frame.

Cut your copper wire into 16 pieces, 10cm in length. Use each piece to attach the wire fence to the frame. Twist the wire around itself to secure it tightly.

Cut off any remaining dangling wire. Hammer the wire knots down slightly to prevent the ends from sticking out and snagging.

Place your black lucite in the corner of the wire frame, the paper covers still on. Use your wire cutters to cut the wire around it. Remove the panel of wire you just cut. Set your wire frame aside.

Take your black lucite – on the back, make a mark at 1.25cm in at each corner. Place the lucite on top of your wood boards, and drill a hole at each mark. (The boards are so that you don't drill your floor accidentally!)

Position your lucite in the same spot as before – right on the window we cut out of the wire. Only this time, you want it underneath the frame.

Thread a piece of wire through each hole in the lucite, and secure to the frame. Twist on itself multiple times to keep it in place.

Spray the whole thing down with gold spray paint to make it nice and pretty and uniform!

Hang your wall organizer to your wall, and gently remove the film from the lucite to reveal your finished creation. Hang any pictures, special notes, and inspirational imagery on your organizer!

Useful and chic; this grid is perfect for maintaining mementos, keeping track of lists and bills, or building an inspiring mood board!