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Mike Kroeger of Nickelback is selling his Maui mini-mansion for $4.9 million US

He couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing

Mike Myers has sold his groovy NYC penthouse for $14 million

Ya, baby.

5 things that weigh the same as the royal baby

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Gold standard: This mining CEO's Halifax compound is listed for a shiny $10 million

It’s got a main house, guest house, pool house and probably a house for all the houses?

Edmonton Oilers owner is selling his luxury Vancouver condo for a cool $38 million

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It's a rental: Inside Justin Bieber's new $55k/month Beverly Hills pad

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Sold! Inside Joshua Jackson's custom-built West Hollywood pad

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"Well, isn't this nice": Alanis Morissette's selling her LA home for $5.5 million

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Live like a Baywatch babe: Pamela Anderson's Malibu home is up for grabs

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