The latest tech toys for the future-forward family

Cool gadgets that are straight out of a science fiction novel.

As a child, I always wanted a personal robot buddy. You too? It amazes me that many ideas that were thought to be science fiction once are now being actualized in real life. (Self-driving cars!) There are always amazing advances in technology and electronics, and I am obsessed with finding the coolest and newest gadgets coming to market. Here are some of today's tech toys that may someday have a place in your home and mine.

This Lofree keyboard is a futuristic keyboard with old school mechanics.  It is the first wireless mechanical keyboard which feels like an old school typewriter.  Featuring different backlit settings and a wide array of colour options, this is a great gift for the writer in your life. It's being crowd-funded right now for a release this spring.

The Lofree Keyboard. $TBA

Nintendo's newest console is revolutionary because it aims to fuse your home console and portable gaming device into one system. It features an iPad-like console which can be attached to gaming joysticks to become a "futuristic gameboy" or when placed in the "dock" (which is connected to the TV), becomes a full-feature gaming console.

The Nintendo Switch. $399

Believe it or not, Laundroid is a robot which will fold your laundry! Encased in a super-slick black box, the futuristic appliance uses photographic recognition and analysis on each of the loaded clothing pieces, and uses the data to properly fold and sort your laundry. If that wasn't mind blowing enough, it can even sort your laundry by item or by family member.

Laundroid. $TBA. Pre-order begins in May.

My favourite gadget on this list has got to be Kuri - the home robot. Not only is Kuri quite adorable thanks to his (or her) emotive face and blinking eyes, but it's incredibly smart and intuitive. Kuri is equipped with a powerful processor which gives it speech and facial recognition, mapping software (to keep it away from stairs and obstacles) and allows it to play music, speak and take pictures. This is pretty much 'Siri' come to life, in a much friendlier and cuter form. Incredible!

Kuri. $699.00 US

While television technology has come a long way over the years, flat panel TV design hasn't changed that much. The Sony A1 series aims to change that. Not only does it boast cutting edge picture technology with an impressive 4K OLED screen, but it's the design of the television itself which has me excited. It boasts a very minimalistic profile which does away with the traditional stand, and puts the picture front and center. What's even more amazing is what Sony refers to as "Acoustic Surface" tech, placing actuators behind the display which vibrate the display to emit sound. It will be interesting to see how this translates — when dialogue on screen seems to come literally from on screen rather than speakers below.

Sony A1 Series TV. $TBA. Coming soon.

The drawback for drones has always been their bulkiness and size. Well the Hover Camera Passport packs the drone technology into a device the size of a large book. It is equipped with a 4k camera and has a "follow" feature which allows the drone to become your very own private paparazzo, which would be invaluable for epic vacay captures.

Hover Camera Passport. $599