Spooky and stylish accents for a Halloweeny home

Upscale decorating ideas for the season — though you may want to keep some of these out all year long

Upscale decorating ideas for the season — though you may want to keep some of these out all year long

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The ancient Celts believed that the spirit world bled into the realm of the living this time of year: masks were the only way to avoid being haunted by the ghost of every person that ever passed into Tïr nAill (the other land). So, endeth the history lesson, but out of respect for the countless souls milling about (and some personal aesthetic pride), why not do away with chintzy dollar store decor this year and up your Halloween style game.

Sure, not everything from the dollar store looks like it came from the dollar store, of course. And we love it for DIY Halloween costumes.  But investing in stylish and seasonal decorative pieces you love enough to hang onto until next year (or always) makes more sense financially and aesthetically.

Honor all the shiftless spirits with these tasteful, elegant holiday accents. Some are so nice you may want to keep them under eye all year long.  

Black Branch Wreath

This dark ring of stark branches will look just as stylish and seasonal on your front door as it will over your mantel. Plain, pretty and perfect for any season but you can always up its Halloween virtue by adding some orange mini lights or ribbon.

Decorative Welcome Pumpkin

​No matter how humble your hut, this endearing and elegant accent placed on a mantle or near the front entrance will make any guest feel like they're in the presence of a good spirit.

Pumpkin Figurine Attachments

No time to carve? Not an issue. Making a friendly pumpkin person with this detailed vine limb kit adds whimsy to any simple seasonal gourd in a flash.

Witch Hat Incense Burner

This adorably wee rustic hat barely makes a statement, but burn some pumpkin spice incense in it and you'll elicit some gleeful cackles when guests see where the smell is coming from.  

Carved Raven

It doesn't have to be the thirty-first for this sculpture to look idyllic perched on your bookcase (or anywhere else). Black is always beautiful and on trend.

Striped Table Cloth

Save the newspapers for your pumpkin carving party, but should you want to host an All Hallow's Eve soiree, you could do worse than starting the dining decor with this Beetlejuician table cloth.

Matte Black Silverware

Modern, minimalist and just macabre enough to qualify as seasonal flatware - not that it needs to. Feast with these all year. 

Orange Dinnerware

These bright orange plates will add a festive splash of color to any event you're hosting - be it Halloweeny or not. If you like a darker pallet for your table, go black with these dark but elegant dishes. For an eclectic look, pair them all together with some pretty patterned plates too.

Black Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

Serve any seasonal stew in this witchy crock and you're sure to delight everyone around the table. It also comes in proper pumpkin orange.

Skull Decanter

The customary clin d'oeil to the dead is easily achieved by incorporating a classic memento mori into your tableware. If there's a better way to serve seasonal spirits, we've yet to find it.

Oil Spotted Black Serving Tray

An easy and elegant means to getting hors d'oeuvres and refreshments from one world to the next.

Cat Cushion

This cute cat cushion will look right at home sitting on any sofa, no matter the season. Perfect to cozy up to anytime of year but certainly Halloween appropriate if you're banking on seasonal style points.

Grey and Gold Glassware

Old world elegance in the form modern stemware, these glasses can serve as goblets, flutes and wine glasses all at once. The grey tint that falls from light to dark manages to be contemporary and retro at the same time yet ideal for a vampire round table or murder mystery.

Blackened Wood Coasters

Black always broadcasts an air of stark formality, but these coasters stay rustic and fun while remaining relevant for all dark revelry.

Black and Orange Throw Pillow

Depending on your existing living room decor, you may want to make this your sofa's year-round accent pillow. But bringing it out for the season is fun without being over-the-top. Still, if you're a purist, there's this decidedly seasonal option too.

Black Cat Silhouette On Canvas

There's no need to deck the halls with disposable tinsel and crêpe to be festive. Switch out some of your wall art and hang this stylish spooked kitty on canvas for a transformative and trendy Halloween vibe. If a canvas cat feels too stuffy, a flowing tapestry draped for effect is just as fun.

Skull Spoons

You don't need to throw a party to crack these out but you'll want to. Once your guests have retired to the living room they might want a coffee or tea. Serve it with a cheeky side of skull.

Meat and Bones Planters

These pristine white planters are perfect for your home office or living room all year round. It doesn't have to be late October to remind yourself that time is of the essence. And who doesn't need more succulents?  

Skull Shower Curtain

No need to throw up that same tired bloody handprint shower curtain every year. Every trip to the washroom can be equal parts eerie and fresh. Colourful florals are a great way to honor the dead.  

Ouija Board Cake Server

Dine while divining after you load this server with your favourite cupcakes or baked goods. Ask the spirits anything, like where you're going to find room for that sweet second serving.

May these items haunt your home for years to come, like all the friendly spirits they'll draw in.