Solar backpacks and other hot gadgets for your coolest summer ever

Tech to make sure you get the shot on your remote hike and that your al fresco dinner stays lit!

Tech to make sure you get the shot on your remote hike and that your al fresco dinner stays lit!

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With summer upon us, it seems like a hassle free life is finally in sight - a couple months of lounging, sipping refreshing drinks and being the sun-kissed superstar you always dreamed of. But summer is never that smooth is it? It can be obscenely hot, sweaty, sandy and there are many unforeseen complications that can get in the way of a flawless season. This is all the more reason you need to stay ahead of the curve and luckily, there's quite a few cutting edge gadgets specifically designed for you to get the most out of your summer.

H2o GoPro Underwater Ninja Mask

Snorkeling always seems like a good idea until you actually get in the water and realize how annoying the snorkel is. The H2o Ninja Mask is a full-faced mask, with a built-in snorkel, meaning there's nothing to put your mouth on and you can breathe freely from your nose and mouth underwater, with a clear view of the wet world around you. With such freedom, it'd be nice to capture everything you see, which is why there's a special edition mask with a built in GoPro mount just above your head, available for $164.99 (GoPro not included).

Underwater Drone

If you'd like to see what's down there without getting wet, the PowerRay Underwater Robot can do the job for you. It's essentially an underwater drone that LED lights its way through the water and lets you watch, capture and share to social media in an instant. If you're hungry, it also has a fish-finding mode and, though it's not currently available for purchase, presales should start soon.

iON Snapcam Lite Wearable Camera

If you're on a summer adventure and want to capture some in-the-moment memories, by the time you pull out your phone, greasy-finger swipe and focus on your shot, the moment is usually over. For the hiker or roadtripper who needs to be as sleek and instantaneous as possible, the iON Snapcam Lite is a wearable camera weighing under an ounce with an area of less than 4cm. It can attach to your body via a clip or magnet and turn on and start capturing in literally half a second. One finger tap for photo and two taps for video, the camera is quite capable too; it can hold two hours of HD 720p video and the battery life can take up to 3,000 photos. Available online for $49.99.

Phonesoap Sanitizing Phone Charger

If you've ever had a lengthy phone conversation on a hot summer's day, you've hung up only to realize your screen is covered in grease, sweat and who knows what else. PhoneSoap is a small enclosed case that can clean and sanitize your phone while it charges. The gadget cleans the phone via UV light, which neutralizes and kills any harmful bacteria, making your phone not only cleaner visually, but healthier to use. They have a variety of versions for different phones (along with other cleaning accessories), starting at $67.43.

Voltaic Solar Backpack

If you've been camping - spent a few scenic days with Mother Nature… you phone has probably died out and you may have wondered if you'll ever hear from humanity again. Never again! If you want to stay charged outdoors, the Voltaic Solar Backpack is a fully-functioning backpack with rear solar panels that charge a battery, which in turn can charge your laptop, tablet or phone. 90 minutes in the sun can charge your smartphone (the battery can also hook up to traditional power sources and your car) and it comes with a host of adapters and storage space to make sure your juice never runs out no matter what you own. Voltaic has a few backpack versions for lesser charging needs, but their most powerful is available online for $299.

Solar Powered LED Light Umbrella

If you want a little more sophistication out of your solar power, you can bring it directly to your patio. We've all been to day-long summer parties that abruptly end when it's blackout dark. This looks like a standard patio umbrella, but built-in solar panels will charge during the day and provide you with gradual LED light underneath the umbrella as the sun goes down. Available for $193.34 (including shipping).

Fast Beverage Cooler

Speaking of summer parties, there's nothing worse than realizing you forgot to chill the drinks. The Cooper Cooler claims to be the fastest cooler on the market, taking your warm drinks to refrigerator cool in no time. All you have to do is add ice and plug in and the cooler can chill cans in a minute, beer-sized bottles in 3.5 and wine bottles in 6 minutes. There are a few models available, with the simplest starting at $69.99.

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