Make this disco ball planter for the prettiest — and grooviest — accent around

Keep your plants ‘Stayin’ Alive’ in this cool new home.

Keep your plants ‘Stayin’ Alive’ in this cool new home.

(All photography by Lady Hayes)

This season I am obsessed with everything disco and jungle — and when they're paired together, even better! So I combined them to make a disco ball planter. My favourite thing about this DIY is the contrast between the mirrors and the botanical elements, and how they play off of each other. This project is perfect for beginners, great for doing with friends while listening to your favourite new record and will make an amazing statement piece in a front hallway or even on your desk at work.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 globe-shaped vase (approx. 5 inches in diameter)
  • 400 mirrored, mosaic 1/2 inch squares; these can be found at craft stores like Michaels or online at Amazon
  • Permanent glue (I like to use Beacon's Glass, Metal and More glue because of its quick hold and its flexibility).
  • 1 succulent or house plant in a 4-inch pot
  • 1 small bag potting soil

Here's how to do it:

1. Find a well ventilated area to work in. Gently clean the surface area of your globe vase. Now take one of the mirrored mosaic pieces and dab a small amount of glue onto the back and place it onto the top of the vase. Work your way across the top, gluing your pieces all the way around until they meet.

2. Once you've finished the first row, start the second one. I like to stagger my pieces so that the end of each piece lines up with the centre of the piece above. Continue all the way around until your pieces meet on the other side. Repeat until your entire globe is covered.

3. Let your planter dry; the glue takes 24 hours to fully cure.

4. Now it's time to add your plant. Put a little soil into the bottom of your vase. Remove the plant from the plastic pot and massage the bottom of the roots to loosen it up — this will help it adapt to its new environment. Next, place your plant into the planter and add some more potting soil to top it up and fill in the spaces. Dust off excess dirt, add a little water and voila! You are awesome!

Lady Hayes is a designer, photographer and mama, known for her beautiful floral inspired projects and lifestyle. Her love of flowers shines through her couture crafted Flower Crowns and Petal Pop, her line of Floral Confetti with sun dried roses and gold confetti glitter. Stay connected! Visit Hayes over on her Instagram or visit her website to shop and say hi!