Inside Marilyn Monroe's last home, currently on the market

The first home she ever bought on her own is now up for sale.

The first home she ever bought on her own is now up for sale.

(Left, credit: Baron/Getty Images; Right, source: realtor.com)

She was the most glamorous actress and model of all time. Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe, lived her life in the spotlight. It was a turbulent one, plagued by substance abuse and failed relationships. But she created a body of work that captivated the world then and now.

In the early 1960s, she purchased her first home on her own, 12305 5th Helena Dr in Los Angeles. Turns out it would be her last, as she passed away in the master bedroom four months after she bought it.

(Credit: Baron/Getty Images)

Now the home is on the market for a cool $6.9 million bucks.

The 1929 Hacienda-style home is located in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. The interior doesn't seem to have changed much since the blonde bombshell lived there. It boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and is around 2,624 square feet. A far cry from the homes of today's celebrities.


The home is situated on an acre of land and includes a heated pool, guest house, garage and gated front to keep those pesky photogs away.



For $6.9 million it's a lovely but modest home. The average price per square foot in Brentwood is $975. This is selling for $2,630. The rich history attached more than likely has something to do with the pricetag.

Monroe originally paid in the neighbourhood of $75,000 - $90,000 in the early 1960s for the home. We could see current celebs like Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan splashing out on this pricey pad to get closer to the iconic celeb.