DIY Tassel Chandelier

An easy take on the latest boho decorating trend

An easy take on the latest boho decorating trend

Our obsession with boho tassel chandeliers and fringe lamps could no longer be contained. We had to hack the style and we couldn't be happier with the outcome of our DIY Tassel Chandelier.

This bright idea is a high-impact addition to space with a boho vibe going. Its size can easily be customized depending on the dimensions of your room. Go from small to extra large just by purchasing different sized embroidery hoops. This DIY will instantly add a touch of coastal whimsy to your home.

DIY Tassel Chandelier

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Here's what you'll need:

  • 4 balls of yarn (colour and thickness of your choice)
  • 3 embroidery hoops - Large 14 inch, Medium 10 inch, Small 7 Inch
  • Scissors
  • Empty 4x6 picture frame
  • Cotton string
  • Gold Chain - 3 small pieces, approx 6 inches each, one long piece cut to length of choice
  • Flat nose pliers x 2

Here's how to do it:

  1. Wrap the yarn 50 times around an empty picture frame.
  2. Cut a short piece of yarn and slip it through the wrapped yarn in the centre opening created between the two hefts of yarn.
  3. Pull up the yarn and tie knot.
  4. Cut the one heft of yarn, removing it from the frame entirely. Pull the knotted yarn down to the centre of the grouped yarn and fold in half.
  5. Cut another 4 inch piece of yarn and tie a knot around the tassel about 1 inch down from the piece of yarn holding your grouped yarn together.
  6. Make 75-100 of these tassels.
  7. Set aside.
  8. Separate embroidery hoop and discard centre portion.
  9. Thread tassels on hoop until completely full.
  10. Screw hoop closed.
  11. Repeat threading tassels with medium hoop.
  12. Repeat threading tassels with small hoop.
  13. Cut 9 pieces of string approx 8 inches long.
  14. Place medium hoop in centre of large hoop.
  15. Loop string around both hoops in three equally distanced spot around the large and medium hoop and tie a knot. The string should create a loop that hold the two hoops together and is about 4 inches in length, so the medium hoop hangs below the large.
  16. Place small hoop on top and repeat this process, tying it ONLY to the medium hoop.
  17. Flip over.
  18. Place string through first small piece of chain and tie to the largest hoop. Repeat this with remaining two chains at equal distances around the largest hoop.
  19. Open last loop of the long chain using your pliers.
  20. Thread the ends of the three chains to the end of the long chain and close the loop using your pliers.
  21. Hang your lamp!