Canada will be covered in snow this winter — here are some products to help get you through it

Upgraded shovels, boot dryers, snow-blasters and more to tackle the months ahead.

Upgraded shovels, boot dryers, snow-blasters and more to tackle the months ahead.

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With the Old Farmer's Almanac forecast of the incoming winter, not to mention that it's already in Calgary, Canadians should prepare themselves for a cold and especially snowy season. But this is nothing new for our country — we expect, adapt and even revel in it (along with our animals), armed with shovels, salt and snow blowers. But before you dust off your trusty ice scraper for the season, there's been quite a few upgrades to winter-warring tools you might not be aware of. Here's a little round up of winter accessory level ups, so you'll never get snowed in again.

Telescoping snow broom with ice scraper

We've all walked out to find our cars covered in white, with only a tiny, cheaply plastic brush to clean with. The snow brush was due for a reinvention and this may do the trick. The wide, non-abrasive foam broom head allows you to easily push snow off your car without scraping the paint and glass. The auto-locking, telescoping arm extends from 76.2cm to 124.5cm, so you can effortlessly brush off the top of your truck or SUV, with a classic ice scraper on the end. Yet, the whole broom only weighs 1.2 pounds, so your arms won't give up before the blizzard does.

Telescoping snow broom with ice scraper - $14.88. amazon.ca

Strain-reducing snow shovel

Speaking of strain, the worst part of clearing your driveway is lifting and tossing the snow, along with throwing out your back. For when you forget to "lift with your legs", this shovel allows you to rely more on your upper body strength, while claiming to reduce back strain by 30%. The handles create a spring-loaded fulcrum, allowing you to transfer the weight while lifting and tossing, then quickly resetting for the next shovelful. The heavy-duty polycarbonate blade makes it ideal for winter, but also comes in use by spring, when your garden needs a little work.

Strain-reducing snow shovel - $59.99. homedepot.ca

Electric snow shovel

Not everyone has the power, space and expense for a snow blower (as nice as it would be), so this electric snow shovel is a more practical, next best thing. With a 10-amp electric motor, this shovel has the power to toss snow up to 20 feet away, clearing a path that is 33 cm wide and 15 cm deep - perfect for tighter spaces that a full snow blower can't fit. A curved handle design prevents back strain and the entire contraption weighs 14 pounds, so anyone can clear their snowy paths in a snap.

Electric snow shovel - $148.00. amazon.ca


If you've ever tried to get snow off your roof with a kitchen broom, or a hockey stick out the window, this is what you've been waiting for. The SnowPeeler has a 20-foot reach so you can get at your roof with your feet safely on the ground. The peeling blade is equipped with glide pads to prevent roof damage and the easily-assembled vinyl snow slide allows for the removed snow to fall directly to the ground. The blade is also quickly reversible if you need to get at your roof from your window.

SnowPeeler - $179.95. amazon.ca

Boot and glove portable drying station

Come February, your hallway is likely to be an exhibit of damp gloves and salt-stained boots. There's nothing less comforting than putting on already-wet outerwear. This drying station is equipped to dry one pair of boots and one pair of gloves simultaneously, or pre-warm them before you go out. It can dry with or without heat (for more sensitive materials) and takes 1-3 hours to complete drying. It comes ready to use, with a tote bag and even includes a clip specifically for your ice skates.

Boot and glove portable drying station - $64.99. Canadiantire.ca

Travel mug warmer

A cup of hot coffee is useless if you leave it in a cold car — but now you can just give it a jolt! This 12V travel mug warmer quickly, evenly and safely warms up paper and foam cups from the comfort of your car, so you'll never have to make that cold-coffee-tasting-face again.

Travel mug warmer - $24.99. Canadiantire.ca

Mini hand warmer

Rubbing and blowing on your hands will be a thing of the past with this multi-function warmer. This USB-charging device is a hand warmer, massager and power bank, easily fitting in your hand and pocket. The warmer also acts gradually, so you won't overheat yourself and has both a USB and 5V jack so you can achieve the ultimate dream of charging your phone while warming your hands.

Mini hand warmer - $29.19. Walmart.ca

Snow melting mat

There might be no need to remove snow on your driveway ever again. This electric melting mat lies tightly on your driveway, melting snow and ice upon contact by heating up to 240°C. A free custom installation plan allows you to find the best way to use the mat on your paved pathways to ensure maximum distribution and effect.

Snow melting mat - $863.00. Homedepot.ca

Anti-slip grip shoe covers

Solve the indoor/outdoor shoe hassle with these over-shoe covers. Each pair is designed to be flexible yet resilient in freezing conditions, so it can easily slip over any shoe you're wearing while the steel studs provide traction on both ice and snow.

Anti slip grip shoe covers - $26.99. walmart.ca

Enviro-blend ice melter

As trusty as rock salt can be, much of it is harmful to the environment, toxic to pets and can erode your patio or driveway. This similar melter is designed to melt just as effectively, but without the harmful side effects. Safe on vegetation, wood, concrete and the environment, while being both kid and pet friendly, this melter is both fast-acting and sustainable, with a time-release formula to stay continually effective.

Enviro-blend ice melter - $28.79. Homedepot.ca

Storm Chips

What first started as a Halifax hashtag has made its way into ultimate snack form. Storm Chips (from New Brunswick potato chip makers, Covered Bridge) are multi-flavoured (BBQ, ketchup, dill and salt and vinegar) kettle cooked potato chips that are made specifically for you to stock up on and enjoy when you're enduring a snowed-in evening or weekend. Quickly gaining steam, they soon may be available in stores nationwide, so we can all celebrate mother nature's misery with a satisfying crunch.

Storm Chips - from $27.00/box. coveredbridgechips.com


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