Bunking-in: Ten great ways to create a fun, shared sibling space

Tried and true design staples that will help you transform a plain old bedroom into an epic shared-sibling-space.

Sharing a room with a sibling sets the stage for so many great moments in life. For me, it was the setting for many of my most treasured childhood memories. My little sister and I bunked-in for a few years officially, but would continue to spend the rest of our lives having sleepovers in each others beds. When I found out I was expecting our second (also a boy), I couldn't wait for them to be roomies! Here are some of my tried and true design staples to help you transform a plain old bedroom into an epic shared-sibling-space.

The perfect beds

These environmentally friendly and ethically made wooden beds by Oeuf can be stacked as a bunk, separated as two beds or converted to a loft with room to play, read or cozy up underneath. The silhouette is clean and modern and will surely update any shared space from baby to big kid.

Oeuf Bunk Beds, Ella & Elliot, $1,995

Wall coverings and art


More than just wallpaper, the Canadian duo behind the brand, anewall, have created non-permanent decals for home or commercial use. The best part is the beautiful murals can be ordered as decals so it won't ruin your walls or force you to commit to a design direction while your littles tastes grow and evolve. Consider letting each sibling select their own design for their side of the room.

Watercolour Cactus wallpaper, anewall, $419

A place to sit

There really is nothing like a hanging chair or hammock to add some fun to a shared space. Ideal for story-time reading or just chilling, it adds a sense of space and lightness to a room by keeping valuable floor space free plus it adds a fun visual element to the room. Bring one home from your travels or order this one, handmade in Nicaragua.

Chair Hammock, NicaOriginal, $47.90 USD

A teepee or tent

Every child deserves a room with a touch of magic, and what better way to sprinkle in some elfin vibes than by creating a sacred space-within-a-space – a very important consideration when creating a communal bedroom! One must always have the option of escaping from their sibling to cuddle a favourite stuffy or nose through a book.

Teepee, HouseinHabit, $219.53

A solution for mess

The Samlesak, Norwegian for 'something that gathers stuff,' by KAOS is the answer to all your toy-tidying woes. Simply pile them onto the circular canvas and tighten the noose. Works for everything from lego to dolls! Your welcome.

Samlesak Storage Bag Mint, KAOS, $93.80

A gorgeous rug

A rug adds intimacy and comfort to any room, particularly important when attempting to create a space your children will want to spend time in. Keep it bright and fun for your little roomies with these cheery handmade, Chilean beauties in 100% cotton, non-toxic fabric.

White Area Rug, Colas Home, Staring at $179


A crucial consideration with two children in one space. Bins and stylish boxes or buckets are a great way to keep clutter off the floor while helping to establish a sense of order and organization. These fun and froufrou options from Pehr tick all the right boxes.

Pom Pom Bin, Pehr Designs, $48

Cool cushions 

For pillow fights, fort making or simply lounging, don't underestimate the power of a great big pouf! These "floories" from Australian brand, Into the Fold, will add a graphic element that is right on-trend. They're a decor element and crash pad that will make it to future rooms and décor iterations too.

Jack Floorie, Into the Fold, $180

Bad-ass bed linens

Sweet dreams are at the heart and soul of this creative Dutch brand. Channel your children's wildest imaginations with these fun character duvet covers.

Snuck Horse and rider duvet, Simons, $49.95

Fun hooks

You can have a sense of humour with even the smallest details. We love these adorable hooks by Australian brand Knobbly

Wooden flamingo hook, Knobbly, $22