8 awesome Mother's Day gifts for mama's boys

Oprah and the Real Housewives love these and so will your mom
(Credit: cricut.com)

Attention Mama's Boys: If you're reading this right now, it means you STILL have time to buy your mom a Mother's Day gift. Plus, you're already on the internet.

So don't be that son (me) who runs to the grocery store before Mother's Day brunch to find the nicest looking bouquet from the leftover flower bin – making you late for said brunch, holding a clearly last-minute and thoughtless gift. This year, you have the following high-tech gift ideas to choose from – all of which can be purchased online with the mid-to-very expensive click of a button! If your Mom, like mine (sorry Mom), is technologically-handicapped, the following products WILL impress her, because they're so techy and trendy, she probably doesn't even know they exist! Surprise! And you're welcome in advance.


Help make your mom the hottest DIY'er since Martha Stewart, with the Cricut Explore Air 2. It's a self-proclaimed "DIY speed machine" – and if you watch videos of this thing in action, you'll see that it really lives up to its hype. I don't even DIY, but I NEED this machine. It cuts, writes and draws whatever you tell it to, using custom or pre-loaded patterns and templates that you create on your phone or computer. It can cut every material from cardstock to leather, which will help you add personality to your home decor projects, parties, events, weddings, clothing, etc. Need custom paper cups for your next party? Maybe some homemade Halloween decorations? Or how about your name cut out in bright letters that your mother can hang in the hallway? This machine can do it.

Hidrate Spark


Sometimes the best gifts are expensive versions of regular things that you would never buy for yourself. Enter the Hidrate Spark 2.0. It's a $55 water bottle – but it's so high-tech, it's like the Nasa of drinking devices.

Sync it up with the app on your phone and it will monitor your water intake throughout the day. It keeps you on track with your goals by recording your every sip with fun, light-up icons and scales. The best part is, if you "forget" to reach for the bottle, it lights up and glows to remind to you drink. It's like an alarm clock, except you don't want to throw it out the window because it looks so pretty.

Fab Fit Fun subscription box


This one is more trendy than techy – but it still counts! Give your mom the gift of… well, gifts, all year round! Fab Fit Fun is a subscription box service that will send your mom a gift box full of the latest beauty, health and wellness products, four times a year. She can look forward to getting things like jewelry, soaps, skin and hair care products and candles. (One season, they even put an umbrella in there.)

It's a favourite amongst many of the Real Housewives – that could either be a good thing, or a bad thing… depending on whether or not you like watching rich women yell at each other. But love them or hate them – a lot of them promote Fab Fit Fun on social media with their own discount codes – so they're trying to help you save money! If you sign your mom up for the 1 year service, it'll come to about $50 a box. Which is a great deal, considering they promise $200 worth of goodies in each box.

Handy App

If your mom is the one who takes care of the house (sorry Dad) – give her the gift of a day off. Handy is basically the Uber of household chores. They use reliable, professional handymen-for-hire to help with anything and everything around the house: they will clean, paint, hang photos, mount TV's, help you move, and assemble your furniture. They also offer amazing discounts for first time users. The Handy app is available in most major cities in Canada, but head to the website to see if it's available in your area.


Gone are the days where your mom has to wear the same over-the-counter perfume that millions of other women wear. You can now design her a custom fragrance, without leaving your computer desk. Aromachology is a Canadian company that helps you choose from a selection of scents based on your mom's personality to make her the perfect perfume. How? By selecting the base notes and top notes according to adjectives that describe her. Is she sophisticated or bold? Optimistic, confident, creative? She'll definitely be "joyous" after receiving this gift.

Dyson hair dryer

If you want your mom to be on the cutting edge of technology – buy her the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. (Their limited Mother's Day edition comes with a pink carrying case.) It had revolutionized the hair dryer by making us constantly question how it works, based on its supersonic design. It's small and lightweight, and even uses "intelligent heat control" to prevent extreme heat damage. Who doesn't want that? It's also one of Oprah's favourite things. She says, "it gets the job done superfast and is worth every penny!"

T-Fal Actifry

Do you want your mom to be able to eat all the french fries and chicken wings she wants without gaining a POUND? Well this next machine won't do that, but it's probably the closest you're going to get. It's the T-Fal Actifry, which is also known as a "healthy frier". It will give you that crispy, deep fried goodness using only ONE spoonful of oil. It does so by using its patented "Hot Air" technology to evenly distribute heat during the cooking cycle. Sure! I'm more interested in the fact that there's a 2-in-1 version, meaning you can make those fries and wings at the exact same time!

Trakdot luggage tracker

Give your mom some peace of mind the next time she travels, with the Trakdot luggage tracker. It's a small box (the size of a pager – I mean, what's that?) that you put in your suitcase before traveling by plane. If the airline loses your luggage (happens to the best of us) the device will send a message to its app on your phone and tell you exactly where it is! From there – I guess all you do is storm up to the customer service desk, full of power and information on where to find your bag. So it's a luggage tracker AND and ego boost!