6 shipping container homes that give us #housegoals

The modern design trend has evolved to a point where you too may want to step into a corrugated metal abode.
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The world is getting creative with their living accommodations. With the rising house prices in places like Toronto and Vancouver, homeowners are looking to shipping containers to as an innovative approach to building their abode.

This ongoing trend in industrial design is used for workspaces in offices, add-on garages, pop-up shops and more.

Here are six home designs that have us actually lusting over this once controversial architectural play, now considered sound... and right on trend.

Casa Incubo

Maria José Trejos designed his Casa Incubo in Costa Rica using 8x40' containers with all the comforts of home but also doubles as a work space for the professional photographer.

The design of this space is obviously not constrained to the dimensions of a shipping container. They're used as a basis for a design that boosts creativity and a sense of space.

Harlem Underground Shipping Container House

This will be Toronto's first shipping container home located in West Queen West above the Harlem Underground Restaurant. It's currently under construction by shipping container modifier Storstac. It will help expand the living quarters already located in the building, and will be made from 20' high containers.

Grillagh Water House

I have a confession to make: I'm a Grand Designs-aholic. You've probably seen it weekdays on CBC and if you're an addict like me, you've probably seen the Grillagh Water House.

The house was built by farmer and architect Patrick Bradley in Northern Ireland. The inspiration came from Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water located in Pennsylvania.

Grillagh was built using four stacked containers cantilevered and cleverly disguised to help blend into the landscape.  

Yamamar Container Cabin

This home is more a subtle use of shipping containers. It's designed by YAMAMAR using two containers and hidden away in the forests of Northern California's Mount Lasson. It's completely off-grid and was designed to be a weekend getaway for the owners.

Jaora Street

This is Australia's largest home created from shipping containers. It's three stories high, built using 31 containers and located five miles outside of Brisbane. Clean lines and extraordinary textures are on full display in this home, and is the definition of #housegoals.

Women's Resource Society

(Source: altira.bc.ca)
(Source: altira.bc.ca)

Shipping containers can do-good too. This housing project in Vancouver was built for the Women's Resource Society for those with low income and the elderly. The units are small, running only about 280 square feet, but they're a brilliant innovation in social housing.

A big misconception when it comes to shipping container homes is that it will save you a ton of cash compared to a regular build. "Compared to traditional building methods, a shipping container house could save you upwards of 5-10% of the structures overall cost once the build is complete." says Storstac.

I still say that with the daily drain on our finances, it's a pretty decent uptake.