25 pretty puzzles that we would happily stare at for hours on end

Picks you can still buy online to make, trade, frame — or make again and again over the years.

Picks you can still buy online to make, trade, frame — or make again and again over the years

The humble jigsaw puzzle has quickly become the stay-at-home hobby, proving that certain timeless activities are worth stocking up on. And while it seems like many have stocked up — given the amount that are currently sold out — we scoured online stores to help those of you still on the hunt. We found stunning, colourful creations that would be an absolute pleasure to piece together. They're picks you can make right now, trade with friends, frame for forever, or make again and again over the years. Handy accessories like trays or mats will make it easy to take your puzzling to the patio this summer. And while we may be approaching an emergence from self isolation, the love (and need) for puzzles remains. Below, a list of 25 that we would happily stare at for hours on end.

Colourful creations

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Rainbow Hand Puzzle, 750 pieces, $39.99, Sweet Thrills

Gradient Puzzle, 100 pieces, $24, Bergo Designs

Common Quilt Blocks Patterns Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $21.95, Boardgames.ca

Dots Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $38, Scout

Astrology Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $24.99, Midoco Art & Office Supplies

Double-sided for 2x the puzzle fun

Succulent Garden 2-Sided Puzzle, 500 pieces, $22.95, Duly Noted

Gray Malin The Hawaii Beach Double Sided, 500 pieces, $34.99, Book Warehouse

Retro picks

Mr. Rogers Puzzle, 500 pieces, $19.99, Midoco Art & Office Supplies

The Golden Girls Puzzle, 500 pieces, $24.04, The Book Depository

Vintage Nancy Drew Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $21.95, Boardgames.ca

Fabulous florals

Ashley Woodson Bailey Shaped Puzzle, 750 pieces, $32, Dots and Loops

Christian Lacroix Heritage Collection Frivolités Set of 2 Shaped Puzzle Set, 850 pieces, $35.04, Jedidiah

Monstera Piece Puzzle, 500+ pieces, $26.95, Scout

Rosalind Wise Prairie Meadow Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $24.95, Bookmark Halifax

Artichoke Floral Puzzle, 500 pieces, $21.02, Jedidiah

Bouquet & Birds Round Puzzle, 500 pieces, $27.95, The Paper Place

Flower Still Life, 1614 By Ambrosius Bosschaert The Elder Wooden Puzzle, 172 pieces, $35.95, Nautilus Puzzles

A little bit of whimsy

Where's Waldo Cake Factory Puzzle, 252 pieces, $34.70, Zazzle.ca

Love Lives Here Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $23.99, The Paper Place

Unicorn Garden Puzzle, 500 pieces, $27.99, Toy Sense

Clementoni Fantastic Animals Flamingos Puzzle, 500 pieces, $19.99, F.G. Bradley's

Dolphins At Play Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $19.99, Rain City Games

Cool Cats Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $26, Dots and Loops

Dog Lovers Puzzle, 1000 pieces, $26.99, Sweet Janes

Ocean Illuminated Glow in the Dark Family Puzzle, 500 pieces, $19.99, Owl's Nest Books

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