12 weird and cool things we found online to kick-start your spring cleaning fever

Um, there's a robot that can clean windows, people!

Um, there's a robot that can clean windows, people!

(Photography by Jarosław Ceborski, via Unsplash)

As the warm weather (slowly) appears, you may be motivated to do a little spring cleaning — getting rid of what you don't need, organizing what you do and making room for more — so we can head into the fresh new season with a little more focus and efficiency. Who couldn't use a hand with that? We've scoured the internet and found some... unique items... to help address your mess in ways you never might have thought of.

Window cleaning robot

While robot vacuums have made a welcome (and relaxing) addition to the cleaning universe, it's time for them to become more dynamic. This window cleaning robot is a remote controlled device that magnetically climbs up your window (indoors or outdoors), scrubbing the surface while removing dirt and stains. The device plugs into a power supply, has 3 cleaning routes and is also able to clean tiles, floors, walls and tables.

Window cleaning robot, $169.99, Amazon.ca

Robot mop

If you'd like another addition to your robot army, this one functions just like a robot vacuum, except it can dry sweep and wet mop. Programmed with GPS-like technology "to keep track of where its been and where it needs to go", the mop function uses either water or mild cleaning solutions and comes with both dry and wet reusable microfiber cleaning cloths.

Robot mop, $254.99, Amazon.ca

Monthly pill organizer

With a universe of medications, herbs and supplements available to us, even the healthiest person usually takes a few pills every day. This monthly pill organizer has 31-day organizers, themselves divided into morning, noon, evening and bed (!) in a spiral setting with a prominent place for that day's dosage, so you don't lose track and don't run out of what you need to take.

Monthly pill box, $20.93, amazon.ca

Refrigerator organizer bins

If your fridge looks like a grocery store dumpster, it may be time to get these. This organizing set comes with one 14-egg holder, one 9-can drink holder, two wide trays and two narrow trays all with built-in carrying handles, making it a handy and efficient way to store fruits, meats, vegetables and condiments in your fridge or freezer.

Refrigerator organizer bins, $37.38, amazon.ca

Reusable jar labels

Whether you're baking, mixing drinks, or making a DIY cleaner, reusable jars are always handy — especially when you know what's in them! This 64-pack of reusable vinyl stickers can be written on with chalk or chalk markers, then wiped clean with a damp cloth. While they're a natural fit for jars, they can also make handy labelling for your office or storage.

Reusable labels, $10.99, amazon.ca

Window track cleaning brushes

There's only so much you can vacuum and sweep — some areas of your house seem perpetually dirty, right? This brush is specifically designed to get into at least one of those: those stubborn window and door tracks. It comes with a scraper on the other side to break up any harder dirt. Of course, something this handy doesn't just have to be used for cleaning tracks, there also a smart way to get into those little areas of your sinks, toilets, floors and tubs.

Window track cleaning brush, $5.88, amazon.ca

Cleaning drill accessory kit

As your grandmother can attest, everything comes out with a little elbow grease. If your elbows aren't strong enough, these power drill attachments may do the trick. The set comes with 6 nylon scrub pads that attach with velcro to a backing pad, which attaches to any drill. A great way to knock the grime off your bathroom and kitchen without breaking your forearms.

Cleaning drill accessory kit, $14.95, amazon.ca

Portable washing machine

Keeping clean is important at home, but just as important on the go. The ultrasonic portable washing machine is a compact device to place in 4 to 7 litres of water (like a sink or a tub) and essentially vibrates the water, causing dirt and stains to be removed. While its primary use is to cleaning clothes while traveling, the device can clean other items like fruits and vegetables, toys and jewelry!

Portable washing machine, $99.99, amazon.ca

Portable clothing dryer

If you're washing on the go, you might as well dry on the go, too. This portable hanger promises to electrically dry clothes within three hours, without shrinkage or damage. It also comes with dual attachments to dry your shoes.

Portable dryer hanger, $32.99, amazon.ca

23 loop hanger

Some small innovations on everyday items make one wonder how we put up with the originals for so long. This 23-loop hanger is durable, chrome-finished, and able to hold any size scarf, belt or tie all while only taking up a single space in your closet.

23-loop hanger, $10.87, amazon.ca

Back seat hanger

Your car is often a forgotten item on your spring cleaning list, but, more than likely, your backseat is a museum of items you thought you lost months ago. If you've ever reached blindly in the backseat while driving, you know how useful this hanger will be. It attaches around the front seat headrest holders and can hold up to 18 pounds, so it can hold purses, grocery bags and clothing.

Back seat hanger, $7.95 (2 hooks), amazon.ca

Storage cube organizer

A common cleaning complaint is that you just don't have the space to store all your stuff. Silence your excuses with this... 20 cube organizer! Each cube is made of steel and plastic, making it durable and able to hold up to 10lbs., while able to stand on its own or can be easily attached to the other cubes to create any combination of storage styles you can think of, so you can store absolutely everything you thought you couldn't.

Storage cube organizer, $75.99, amazon.ca