10 Nerdtastic items that are perfect for the superfan in your home

Accents and additions to satisfy the nostalgic, inner geek in you!

Accents and additions to satisfy the nostalgic, inner geek in you!

(Credit: geekitikis.com)

Obviously, our rooms all look different today from when we were kids; the action figures and memorabilia we once cherished are off the shelves and collecting dust in cardboard boxes. While, sure, it's important to update your decor as you mature, many of us never stop being fans of the pop culture shows, movies and games that stole our childhood hearts. But now you can have your nerd cake and eat it too; here  are some accents and additions for your home to keep your nostalgic, inner geek satisfied.

Super Mario wallpaper

In the age of hyper realistic RPGs and marathon online multiplayer sessions, it's nice to harken back to a simpler time. This 8-bit wallpaper chronicles the classic first level of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. for you to relive your retro gaming glory. The mural comes together via seven, 45cm panels, measuring 1.8m by 3m, adding a playful punch to your office, bathroom, kid's room or (obviously) games room. If you'd like to daydream of stomping goombahs, the wallpaper set is currently available for $149.99.

Chain Chomp cat bed

If you wanted to go all in on your Super Mario decor, who can forget the irritatingly difficult Chain Chomp bad guy from Super Mario Bros. 3? If you love your cat (and we know that you do), imagine having them take comfort in such evil with this handcrafted cat bed by CatastrophiCreations! Before you get too excited, a bit of bad news; the cat bed was sold for $1,100 and is completely sold out. We can hear the Super Mario death theme in your head.

Beauty and the Beat Swarovski rose

Disney really has the market cornered for merchandise and memorabilia; each Disney classic (and reboot) births countless must-have collectibles. This piece is a little more rarified - an official Swarovski rendition of the enchanted rose (and bell glass case) from the classic Beauty And The Beast cartoon. All crystal and mouth-blown glass, it can clearly be appreciated by guests even if they don't get the reference. It's available for $205, but sadly, the petals do not fall over time.

Raptor bust

Clever girl. Here's a chance for you to embrace your inner paleontologist with this officially licensed velociraptor bust, replicated from one of the animatronic raptor casts from the Jurassic Park film series. It's such a "lifelike" piece (standing in at over 75cm) that it's as beautiful as it is creepy; the perfect edition to your darkened living room, peeking out behind a plant. If you would like to spare no expense, you can snag your own raptor bust for $1,199.

Star Trek tiki mugs

(Credit: geekitikis.com)

If you're in the mood for some slightly more subtle (and affordable) memorabilia, Geeki Tikis has got you covered. The company puts out limited edition lines of retro-looking tiki mugs, including Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the classic Universal Monsters. This summer, they're boldly going with a Star Trek line, featuring Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, a Klingon and Gorn, the perfect Trekkie addition to your backyard space this summer. While they aren't available to the public just yet, their usual sets of 6 mugs costs $79.99.

Death Star lamp

The unwritten rule is that you can't mention Star Trek without including Star Wars and this Death Star lamp is the perfect fit, though it's not an officially licensed product. A collapsible lamp that looks so perfect that it must be a Death Star, is actually a fan-made modification of an Ikea lamp that's been blowing up online. The lamp (available online for $59.99), is originally white but suspiciously Death Star-like, with a glowing orange middle and just painting a dark grey base with light grey lines all around makes the lamp near official-looking. The lamp inherently has a sleek and futuristic look but is unassuming enough to make a fun addition to any room.

Sci-fi movie mural

If you're in love with just one movie, your fandom goals might be simple to reach. If you're obsessed with a whole genre (like many sci-fi fans are), it can be nerd overload where you don't know where to begin (or end). In that case, this artwork by Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley might be just enough for you. First appearing at a sci-fi-themed art show, this illustrated universe makes reference to a litany of classic cinema like Alien, Stranger Things, Blade Runner, Total Recall and dozens of others (seriously, you could look at it for hours). The soft colours make it an unassuming piece that's perfect for any entertaining room; it's sure to keep your company entertained. While the full-sized original print is sold out, you can buy an 8-piece set for $270 and a full, black and white version for $85.

Frankenstein light switch

Horror movie fans are often left in the lurch; most horror memorabilia is often too terrifying or gory to appropriately display in your home. But this Frankenstein-style light switch lever is a horrifically perfect addition to a classic horror fan's home. It mounts over any standard light switch, it's available for just under $14 and seems to be inviting you to get drunk with "It's alive!" power every time you enter the room.

Cassette tape coffee table

Have your generation's greatest hits been digitized into oblivion? Harken back to your formative years with the ultimate in hipster chic: a giant cassette tape coffee table by Taybles. Each table is made of birch hardwood with a fold-out ribbon for more storage and LED lit spools which also double as drink holders. Best of all, the label can be customized for the ultimate mixtape experience, starting at $1,699

Inflatable Moe's Tavern

If you're an ardent fan of the Simpsons, you know full well the solace and shenanigans contained in Moe's Tavern — and you might soon be able to bring it all into your backyard. This proof of concept is all that currently exists, but the Inflatable Pubs company, based in Ireland, already has functional inflatable pubs for sale and they're hoping to finalize the licensing with 20th Century Fox so they can start taking pre-orders early next year. The insides of these inflatable pubs are functional, customizable and can fit up to 65 people. Though the pubs are more reasonable rented, you can have your very own from $2,500 to $5,900, plus whatever the standard shipping is on inflatable pubs from Ireland.

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