Your holiday feast menu and all of the recipes are here!

Hasselback potatoes with whipped herb butter, turkey with pan gravy, sweet potato rolls and more recipes to round out your most memorable meal of the year.

Hasselback potatoes, turkey, sweet potato rolls & more recipes to round out the most special meal of the year

There is no wrong way to put together a holiday menu, since everyone starts from the same place: thoughtfully and selectively crafting a meal that will please the special people they are gathering around the table. We think these suggestions, and the whole menu in fact, are worthy of your consideration. Not only should they appeal to fans of the 'classics', with snow peas that zing with lemon, hasselback potatoes accompanied by whipped herb butter and buns made with sweet potatoes, there is enough excitement here to delight even the person who is sitting down to their third turkey dinner of the week. (Lucky them!)

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Brined and Roasted Turkey with Simple Pan Gravy

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Brioche and Sausage Stuffing Bake

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Lemon Dijon Snow Peas

Hasselback Baked Potatoes with Whipped Herb Butter

Perfectly Roasted Heirloom Carrots

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Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls with Maple Butter

And, don't think we forgot about dessert. This shooting star cake, and Chocolate Cream Profiterole Wreath are just two show-stopping sweets we have in mind for you this year. Visit CBC Life's special holiday site for more desserts, drinks, meal ideas, not to mention gift, decorating and celebration inspiration!