Eh-verything needed for an epicly cozy Canadian stocking

The coolest stuffers to spoil your favourite Canuck.

The coolest stuffers to spoil your favourite Canuck

Stockings are typically an afterthought. Once the gifts are locked down, a multi-coloured twinkle light goes off above our heads and we realize we didn't get stuffers. A sweaty sprint to the nearest pharmacy ensues.

This year lean into stocking stuffing with a bit of fun Canadiana that hints at a cozy night in safe from the myriad wonders of winter. Prepare to cross some canucks, ex-pats or CanCon fans off your list.

P'tite Poutine Bowl

For tucking into the most celebrated Canadian food item after maple syrup.  

P'tite Poutine Bowl, $24,

Cheese Curds

Yes, we're serious and yes, you can get them online. Note: a fresher curd is always a better curd, so maybe plan a store run on the 24th and transform into an early-rising elf on the morning in question so you can stuff stockings accordingly.

Squeaky White Cheese Curds, $8.38,

Club House Gravy

All you're missing is some fries for a drool inducing poutine party. Prepare to be hugged for this idea.

Club House Poutine Gravy Mix, $1.37,

Buffalo Plaid Cozy Socks

A timeless textile, buffalo plaid is still trending. So whether your Canuck wears these in her fave boots on a winter walk or fave slippers on the couch, she'll be on point. Yes, you can get some for your Canadian him too.

Womens Buffalo Check Sock, $12,

Manitoba Mug  

Anyone from our nation's heartland will gladly steal sips of hot chocolate from this Manitoba cup. But yes, there's a unique mug for all the regions of Canada should your list be stacked with people from any other province. It's a little tempting to get them all.  

Manitoba Mug, for $7.20,

Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate

Now you can take that provincial mug for a test slurp. Maybe top with one maple flavoured marshmallow, if you're feeling extra.

Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate Mix, $4.69,

Mountie Hot or Cold Bottle

If you've got someone who always gets his or her man, then this may be the perfect gift for the smoothest Canadian you know. Help them stay hydrated on the man hunt. It's just as handy for hot chocolate as it is for cold Canadian whisky on the go. There's also a combo pack.

RCMP Hot + Cold Bottle by Arborist, $19.99,

Drake Cookie Cutter Set  

Should holiday cookies get made (and holiday cookies are almost certainly going to get made) they may as well be inspired by Toronto's golden son. Go ahead and make a Draker's dozen. Another fun way to spend time indoors, it's really for anyone on your list who wants to put More Life into their baking (note: they also have a Ryan Gosling set).

Drake Cookie Cutter Set, $9.95,  

Big 'Ol Christmas Tube of Smarties

Popping these famously non-melty Canadian candies while unwrapping gifts on the 25th is a fine way to carb load for the coming cold months.

Christmas Smarties Giant Tube, $8.19,  

Tree and Canoe Pin Pair

There is arguably no finer way to festoon one's Canadian tuxedo than with some fun wilderness pins. Denim fan or no, this tiny evergreen and canoe combo will add a fashionable splash and look awesome on almost any lapel.

Canada Canoe Enamel Pin Set, $18.11,

Organic Maple Coated Mixed Nuts by Prana

These are so, so delicious. Buy this for anyone on your list with a mouth. Seriously. You may want to get a kilo instead but this is the calorie friendly and stocking friendly amount.

GO NUTS Maple Coated Mixed Nuts, $5.84,

Wise Red Maple Cream Pomade

This sustainable and proudly Canadian pomade is the stuff for his do. The company's refill policy will let him keep his carbon footprint light and his hair tight.

Red Maple Cream Pomade In Reusable Glass Bottle, $32.00,

The Classic Canadian Scarf

The classic cabin stripe is a necessary cold weather staple for Canadians here and abroad and a good gift for anyone else looking to emulate our style.

Roots Cabin Scarf, $58,

Merry and Bright Canada Toque

If your Canadian seeks some retro cool to keep them warm this winter, then a bright red toque complete with pom pom and national allegiance should be atop their melon no later than Boxing Day. It won't just look wonderful poking out the top of a stocking, it'll also provide an excuse to go for a walk to help digestion after the holiday binge fest - although consider that it can be safely worn while reclining on a sofa.  

Canada Provincial Toque by Arborist, $29.95,

Should you be worried about all of this fitting into a stocking, note that the Hudson's Bay Company sells an oversized fleece job that's perfectly on brand for your Canadian holiday theme.

Happy Cozy Canadian Carbmas! Oh and a Happy New Year, eh.   

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