DIY this 4-step foraged and vintage centrepiece for instant yuletide cheer

Give your holiday table pops of colour and romance.

Give your holiday table pops of colour and romance

(All photography by Lady Hayes)

This year I'm trying my hardest to keep the holidays cheap and cheerful! And to me that means fun pops of colour, up-cycling objects around the house, foraging for my greens, and really trying to soak up my friends and fam. A table centrepiece doesn't need to be too over the top either. Simple and colourful is often enough to make your table go from blah blah to yeah yeah! This DIY will get you outside walking and breathing in some crisp fresh air, then ready for a cozy and cheery holiday dinner over candlelight. Need I say more?

When foraging, a great place to start is your very own backyard collecting broken sticks and twigs on the ground around your trees. If you don't have a yard, this is a great excuse to head out to the park or go on a little hike. I always recommend bringing clippers and trying to collect pieces that are dead already, especially for the sticks. For the greens you only need a few small branches. Make clean cuts and only take what you need. I usually take from a few different trees so my footprint is very small. Along your hike if you see any red berries clip a couple of branches, but please consider that some berries are poisonous and if you have animals or small children you can always skip this step. Better safe than sorry.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 3 candle holders
  • Spray paint — if you'd like to change the colour of your candle holders (I used Rust-oleum spray paint in Candy Pink)
  • 3 metres of canvas ribbon
  • Scissors
  • 2 branches of Mountain Hemlock
  • 2 branches of pine
  • 2 branches of red berries
  • Clementines with leaves for a pop of colour
  • 3 taper candles

Here's how to do it:

1. Spray paint your candle holders if you're changing up the colour scheme. I had a few candle holders I thought would be great for this DIY but I didn't like the original colour. Nothing a few coats of pink spray paint can't fix! Be sure to spray outside or in a well-ventilated area with a few light coats.

2. Cut three 1-metre pieces of canvas ribbon and have them ready beside you. Now take a small piece of Mountain Hemlock, pine and a twig of berries and arrange into a small bouquet. Hold it against the stem of your candle holder and secure by tying a bow with your ribbon. Repeat on the other two candle holders.

3. Time to set up the table! I like to throw a tablecloth on for the holidays and it also helps to tie the whole look together. Place your candle holders on your table. I arranged my candles in a triangular shape because I used a smaller table. For longer tables trying placing the candles side by side, all in a row.

4. Add more greens! I took three pieces of my Mountain Hemlock and placed them in-between the candle holders. Now for some more colour! Clementines are one of my favourite things about the holidays and adding them to a centrepiece adds a vibrant pop of colour — plus they complement the pink candle holders. Bonus points when you find the cute ones with the leaves. Invite some friends over for some yuletide cheer and dine on all your seasonal favourites!

Lady Hayes is a designer, photographer and mama, known for her beautiful floral inspired projects and lifestyle. Her love of flowers shines through her couture crafted Flower Crowns and Petal Pop, her line of Floral Confetti with sun dried roses and gold confetti glitter. Stay connected! Visit Hayes over on her Instagram or visit her website to shop and say hi!

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