Hockey Wives star Rhianna Weaver tried reiki and tells us what happened

Rhianna Weaver, wife of NHL star Mike Weaver, shares her spiritual journey with sound reiki.

For as long as I can remember, I have been curious about spirituality. I can recall being a young girl, staring at myself in the mirror and wondering, "Who am I?" I wanted to understand what the purpose of life was on a deeper level and I still have that desire.

My life for the last 13 years has been crazy, which, actually, is an understatement. The craziness for me came from being the wife of NHL player, Mike Weaver, while trying to create my own identity in a world where I felt like I was a 1950's housewife. Mike's games and contracts soon became the way I knew how to feel good and how to belong, but that also felt unnatural, as if I was placing a lot of power in something outside of myself.

Over the last 10 years I have met yogis, meditated, and even consulted with psychics on my journey to align myself, feel good and unveil who I truly am. Earlier this year, Mike and I bought a 100-year-old house in Toronto and, at the risk of sounding like Patricia Arquette's character in the series The Medium, we experienced many ghost encounters. My daughter Ella, who is sensitive to energy, was scared to go upstairs. There was one particular room, which we made into a toy room, that she would not enter. I told a friend about this, and she introduced to me Heather Hannan, who is a TransformationALL Life Coach, Sound Reiki and Ghost Buster (what a great title, eh?! I loved it!). Heather came over and explained to me that there was a dark energy in my home and it was hiding in that very toy room upstairs.  She removed the energy using sound reiki, and mentioned that the clearing would calm my whole family and create balance. She then asked me to close my eyes. She started singing a beautiful, high pitch song that reminded me of Gregorian Chanting. Yes, the child within me started to giggle – this was certainly a first for me! But that day after school, Ella came home, walked into the toy room alone and played! We couldn't believe it. My husband even felt calmer and the chaos that I thought was natural in my home disappeared.

Heather Hannan

After Heather did some work on my home, I decided to start working with her one-on-one.  With Mike retiring from the NHL more than a year ago, our next step has been figuring out what is next for him and for us. I found myself struggling with my own sense of self, now that my "hockey wife" identity was gone. Heather worked on my "soul child", which is an age during childhood when something happened that felt like a misalignment. Together, we brought awareness to different situations, which in turn gave me relief and allowed me to be aware of thought patterns I carried. We did Sound Reiki and grounding work. I began to feel calmer, clearer, and more confident in decision making. Opportunities that I could have never imagined before were presented to me. And when doubt wanted to creep in, I knew how to handle it.

Sound Reiki has been an extraordinary experience for me, where I have learned, and continue to learn, the power of going within and trusting my own guidance. Daily meditations have become part of my life and help me to see that everything around me is a mirror of how I am feeling. The more centered I am, the more calm, happy and aligned my home and family are. And that could, and should, be my new normal.