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Wildlife in our backyards: when wild creatures surprise us where we live #HelloSpringCBC

Warmer spring days means the appearance of Canadian wildlife!
(Submitted by Jimmy MacDonald (@jimmy_pawistik), Rachael B (@rachaelb321) and Kelly Caughlin (@caughlin_photography))

Spring is officially in full swing and the wildlife across Canada has been strutting their stuff in the sun! With life budding all around us, curious animals of all sizes have been popping out and peering their heads out of their homes after a long cold winter to see what all the spring fuss is about! 

Here are some wildlife scenes from spring that have been sent to us on social media using #HelloSpringCBC.

That's an interesting looking car in the driveway! This picture of a young moose was shot by Pat Hodge in Tuscany. No, not Italy, we mean Calgary's residential community, called Tuscany. 
(Pat Hodge)
Most of us welcome all kinds of weather except for this kind of weather in mid-spring. Someone remind us, what do April snow showers bring us? 
Hey you, over there! This otter looks like it has something to say.
This adorable raccoon is probably better known for going through your garbage at midnight, but in this moment, she's a garden model. 
Slow and steady wins the race to summer weather. At least, that's what it's like for this sweet little turtle. 
Not all animals have friendly resting faces. Maybe this groundhog saw its shadow? 
This mamma and baby are catching a quick snuggle on a perfect spring day. 
This "little fluff" fox posed for a photo after hunting down a leaf.
Peek-a-boo! We see you Mr. Bear! What can be more wholesome than this sneaky and peaky bear!? 
This prickly little fellow is a photogenic masterpiece. You'd think he knew the camera was right there! 

And just a friendly reminder that we must be respectful of the wildlife around us. If you happen to find a wild animal near you, please give them the space they need and deserve.

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