Show Us Your Spring

These breathtaking blooms will remind you that Mother Nature is an artiste #HelloSpringCBC

These photos definitely rose to the occasion this week. Get it?

These photos definitely rose to the occasion this week. Get it?

Thank you to everyone who has submitted pictures of flowers to CBC's "Show Us Your Spring" campaign by using #HelloSpringCBC (@devaymarie/Instagram, @amanadapotts596/Instagram, @coreenhildebrand/Instagram )

When was the last time you really looked at a flower? I mean, really looked at it. Buried your nose in and took a whiff of nature's original aroma enhancer. The symmetry — and sometimes outright nonsense that is a flower — blows our minds endlessly each spring. 

We've asked Canadians to show us your spring, and you've shared stunning photos and videos of nature from your part of the country. There's no better way to welcome the warmth of the season than with blossoms and blooming flowers.

Coreen Hildebrand shared these beautiful magnolias that seem to just be popping up everywhere this spring! 


This ethereal bouquet from Richard Simpley has our jaws on the floor. What planet is this from? Because it surely can't be from our Earth. 


This blossoming tulip is a ray of sunshine on any rainy day!


Is it just us or does it feel like there are more tulips this year than any other year? This cherry red bloom has shown up on Hastings Street in Burnaby, B.C.. 

The tulip bulb in this photo set has barely begun to bloom, yet it still catches second glances. 

Where is this s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g pink world and when can we visit? Thanks to Gurmeet Singh Ahuja for this dreamy photo of a cherry blossom-filled street in Vancouver. 

Nothing says spring to us like fiddlehead season! Thanks to Amanda Potts for this incredible close up!


Some flowers are beautiful and absolutely confusing. Also, please note the ant hanging on for dear life in the background. 


This close-up of an arrow-leaved balsamroot shows us it's in full bloom. Click to see the second photo of this pair. The middle of the flower has a hypnotizing swirl going on, doesn't it?


This beautiful fuzzy Prairie crocus is a breathtaking reminder of the intricacies of spring blooms. 


We love getting a chance to see spring in your part of Canada! Keep showing us what spring looks like where you are, and keep using the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC on Twitter and Instagram.

Click here for more scenes from spring across the country. Show us your spring with the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC.