Show Us Your Spring

Everyone has a flower that says spring — these are some of your picks

These beautiful flowers from all over Canada are colouring the country, you showed us your favourite blooms on #HelloSpringCBC

This May we asked Canadians to show us their spring, using the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC and we've been overwhelmed by the beauty of your nature photography. 

We've also been thrilled to see such a wide array of flowers that the spring rain has brought to life! No matter where you live, everyone's got a particular bloom that says "spring" to them. Do you have one?

Our very own spring correspondent and wildlife educator Connel Bradwell captured a stunning photo of one of the rarest flowers in Canada — the beautiful lotus pinnatus!  

@thewanderingphotogto snagged this lovely shot of cherry blossoms on a sunny spring day this week. 

You might do your best to keep these weeds at bay, but you can't deny the sweetness of these kids blowing dandelion fluff off the stem.

Lyle Grisedale captured this breathtaking shot of a field of balsam-root in full bloom on the local grasslands in the Kootenays. 

This photo by Robert A. Metcalfe is the perfect shot describing the end of the winter blues, as this round-lobed hepatica is the first in its surroundings to pop out of the newly thawed spring earth. 

Check out this remarkable shot from Vernon, BC of a queen hunt's bumblebee on a lupine! Thanks Claude Rioux! 
(Photo by: Claude Rioux Vernon, BC)

This red trillium, also known as a "wake robin" for its red petals (after the red robin's breast) was submitted by Kathe Roth in St-Lazare, Quebec.
( Kathe Roth in St-Lazare, Quebec)

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Marianne Braca from the Huron-Perth area is giving us all the spring energy with this trio of early spring flowers. 

Take a look at this shot of these stunning bleeding heart flowers sent to us by Meghan (@myglebegarden) from Ottawa, Ontario. Loving the vibrancy! 

What is springtime without a tulip or two? @masaganaflowerfarm in Manitoba is giving us all the feels with this stunning bouquet of tulips! 

The weather has been perfect to get outside and explore wildlife in your neighbourhoods and backyards! Show us your spring, Canada! Submit your image at the bottom of this page or post on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HelloSpringCBC